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Please note: SEO Takeaways is the former name of Optimize Smart.

I work for medium and large size businesses some of them are mega corporations like “Sea world parks and entertainment”. SeaWorld is a multi-billion dollars public traded company in US.

Following is the screenshot of the original testimonial emailed to me from SeaWorld:

testimonial 1

Himanshu from OptimizeSmart helped us grow our Facebook ad account from the ground up to six figures.

Facebook ad account from the ground up to six figures

He also helped us set up enhanced commerce tracking and various other trackings on our website.

We worked with him for several years and are now going our separate ways only because we are moving all the marketing in-house. We wish him all the best.

Jay Ehrenfeld,
Head of digital EZContacts.com

Kevin KeiltyI hired Himanshu after my web developer, Google rep and another contract developer could not reconcile a problem with the enhanced ecommerce analytics.

The James Bond of Google Analytics

Himanshu was very professional and delivered verifiable results within a few days.

His credentials look great, but take it from me, he really is the James Bond of Google Analytics.

I will definitely be using him again.

Kevin Kielty
President, SearchBrite.net

Assaf KostinerI asked Himanshu to help me optimize conversion rate for my website PaintYourLife.com.

Improved conversion rate significantly

He has placed a few test orders and has sent me a list of recommendations that have proved very useful and indeed improved conversion rate significantly.

In addition, he has given me a list of general ideas related to marketing that have also proved to be great tips!

Thank you Himanshu. I am sure we’ll meet again in another project.

Assaf Kostiner
Founder, PaintYourLife.com

mike-gracenHimanshu is on a whole other level when it comes to data-driven SEO strategy.

A whole other level when it comes to data-driven SEO strategy

His pragmatic ‘test, analyse, optimize’ process lets the data drive the decisions while still keeping a firm grasp on positive user experience and the big-picture financial goals of the organization.

The SEO Takeaways blog is also one of the best in the industry for in-depth SEO reports and articles that are free of the typical industry fluff.

Mike Gracen
Search Manager, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

mit for testimonial

When we launched our new web site, Himanshu evaluated our Google Analytics and our Google Tag Manager setup. He was very efficient and accommodating. He provided insight into our reporting needs, recommended some great third-party tools and created custom reports for us.

The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA

Great insights and expertise in everything SEO and analytics, and a valued advisor to our organisation.

Great insights and expertise in everything SEO and analytics

His SEO Takeaways blog is a goldmine.

Good luck!

Matthew Roach
Entrepreneur, SecretEarth.com

craig-brooksbyGaps in my analytics/tag manager/AdWords knowledge were slowing me down. My in-house developers understood the concepts but I didn’t have the time to learn by experience.

I highly recommend his team’s consulting work

I contracted with Himanshu to solve my problem. His response was immediate, his communication was clear and specific and a week later we are up and running.

I couldn’t have asked for more value. I highly recommend his team’s consulting work.

Craig Brooksby
Founder, AdWonks.com

josh-steeleI have always found Himanshu to be quite knowledgeable in regards to search engine optimisation and the various activities involved in the process – from concept to implementation.

I have personally seen his work drive companies to new horizons

I have personally seen his work drive companies to new horizons.

Beyond that he is extremely personable, assigning honour and respect to his colleagues. Himanshu is a true professional.

Josh Steele
Marketing and IT Manager, Sakai America Inc.

netmidasExpert, thorough and professional. I have hired Himanshu on several occasions for client projects and each time he has delivered sharp insights that addressed the key client needs.

Expert, thorough and professional

Also worth mentioning that his articles on SEO Takeaways are some of the sharpest articles to be found on the topic of data-based digital marketing strategies and tactics.

John Coffey
Owner, NetMidas – Digital Marketing Consultants

philip-nikolayevI love SEO Takeaways. Himanshu is brilliant at what he does.

Himanshu is brilliant at what he does

I am a seasoned marketer myself, but I have learned a few tricks from Himanshu!

Philip Nikolayev
Online Marketing Architect, Search Benefit

probuddha-nagI’ve known Himanshu from the SEOChat forums where he displayed his in-depth knowledge in the field of search engine optimization at great length and actively engaged in discussions and debates with some of the best SEOs in the world.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Himanshu

He is extremely knowledgeable in search marketing, has exceptional writing skills and is now a successful and popular search marketing blogger.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Himanshu to anyone looking for top class SEO services.

Probuddha Nag
Operations Manager, MissionOP Inc.

justin-insurance-libraryWe hired Himanshu to help set up tracking for several actions on our website that help us track KPIs – and we are very pleased with the results.

We are very pleased with the results. We highly recommend Himanshu!

Not only was he able to help us understand what we should be tracking, he was able to get it set up promptly.

We now have several custom dashboards in Google Analytics providing us with key, real-time data that gives us insight into all facets of our site’s performance,

We highly recommend Himanshu!

Justin Blase
Founder, InsuranceLibrary.com

ecommerceinfuenceHimanshu has been a tremendous help to us as we set up our client’s analytics tracking the right way.

Analytics help from someone you can trust

With so many other things we have to take care of for our clients, and our inexperience with some of the technical aspects of Google Analytics, Himanshu has been extremely helpful and reliable during our time with him.

We’ll definitely use him in the future and we recommend him to anyone who needs analytics help from someone you can trust.

Chad Vanags
Co-Founder and Chief Digital Marketing Analyst, EcommerceInfluence.com


Himanshu was called in for an end-to-end audit of all things SEO, analytics and PPC – and he did an exceptional job of it.

Clearly an expert in the field and a pleasure to work with

He understood our business and then reviewed, corrected and advised across the board – from directional strategic advice to detailed technical adjustments.

Clearly an expert in the field and a pleasure to work with.

Alex Protogerellis
CTO, Covve.com


It was a breath of fresh air working with Himanshu.

It was a breath of fresh air working with Himanshu

He was extremely professional, punctual and to the point, delivering a high quality product that was easily used and understood by our tech and business team.

Stamos Venios
Managing Partner, www.dataeliteventures.com

We would like to thank Himanshu for this outstanding knowledge of SEO best practices and his willingness to share them with us.

His expertise was comprehensive, his communication skills were excellent

We found his expertise was comprehensive, his communication skills were excellent and he was highly ethical. He provided solutions specific to our situation and was very willing to explain the rationale behind his recommendations.

He is highly detail oriented and customer focused. If you work with Himanshu you will experience high availability, fast responses, communication in the form that you need and great expectation setting.

Arunas Druktenis

I was referred to Himanshu by a co-worker of mine, when we were struggling to get Google Analytics working right on our website Handtrucks2go.com. We needed someone who had a good understanding of Google Analytics as well as how to mess around with the coding on the back end of our site.

Himanshu was a true professional, he was right on target

It turned out to be one of the best referrals I have ever received. Himanshu was a true professional, he was right on target, and was able to troubleshoot more than one problem very quickly. I may add that he did this at a very reasonable price.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing assistance with Google Analytics.

Hal Fleisher
Marketing Director, Handtrucks2go.com

We operate an ecommerce store in a very competitive retail space – quadrocopter.com. I recently decided that our Google Analytics was not giving us enough information to support our decisions around advertising expenses. Specifically our PPC investment was not returning the kind of results it had been generating in the past.

He delivered – in fact he over-delivered!

I began by researching Google Analytics and trying to understand what we were missing. I conducted the obvious Google search to find articles and blogs about this subject matter. I found several blogs authored by Himanshu of OptimizeSmart.com. I was very impressed and educated by just reading his blogs.

I decided very quickly into my research that the required knowledge was not something I could easily learn and my best course of action was to engage an expert.

I approached Himanshu with the request that he provide us with a proposal to help us set up our Google Analytics properly. He responded very quickly – even though he lives and operates on the other side of the world to us.

He met with me over Skype to better understand our needs. He interviewed us with a detailed questionnaire regarding our objectives and our business plan. He requested access to our platforms – our shopping cart, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google AdWords, our online chat module livehelpnow.com – and he evaluated each of these data sources independently before he provided a proposal.

His proposal was fair and set our expectations properly, and he provided reasonable payment terms considering the fact that we were making an investment in his expertise – and he delivered – in fact he over-delivered!

I would highly recommend Himanshu and I have already hired him to assist with another company web site that I am involved in.

Henry Valentino
Director of Sales, quadrocopter.com

Sometimes it is quite astonishing how much impact a simple set of question can cause. This is how Himanshu started our analytics project and the learning journey that came with it.

Sometimes it is quite astonishing how much impact a simple set of questions can cause

To do’s were clearly communicated and followed through.

We are collecting enhanced e-commerce data and new ways of understanding our customers now – and what’s worth more than knowing instead of guessing?

Michel Sägesser
Head of E-Commerce & ICT Services
Eurocenters Foundation for Language and Educational Centres

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