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Last Interaction Attribution Model in Google Analytics Explained

The last interaction attribution model in Google Analytics assigns 100% credit for a conversion to the last interaction on a conversion path. This model is also known as the last touch attribution model....

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling Tutorial

Learn everything about Google Analytics attribution modeling. learn about Acquisition channels, Multi Channel Funnel Reports, Conversion Paths, Channel Labels...

User Explorer Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – Tutorial

Learn all about the User Explorer report in Google Analytics 4. This report allows you to explore and drill down the behaviour of a specific group of users or an individual user....

GTM Server Side Preview Mode – Tutorial

Learn all about the GTM Server Side Preview Mode which is used for testing the server-side tagging. Learn the difference between the client-side and the server-side preview mode. ...

How to set up Data Layer for GTM Server Side Container

Learn to set up data Layer for GTM Server Side Container through this step by step guide....

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