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Understanding Aggregation in Google Sheets

In the context of Google Sheets, aggregation is the process of summarizing tabular data.  You can aggregate/summarize tabular data in Google sheets by calculating the sum, average, maximum, minimum, median, etc of all the values of a field. Consider...

Guide to Data Types in Google Data Studio

The data type of a data source field determines the kind of data to expect (in the connected data set) when processing the field.  For example, when the data type of a field is ‘Number’, it tells Data Studio to expect a number when processing th...

Understanding Aggregation in Google Data Studio

In the context of Google Data Studio, aggregation is the process of summarizing tabular data. Tabular data is the data which is in the form of a table.  Following is an example of tabular data: You can aggregate/summarize tabular data in Google Data...

Geo Data – Country, Region, Latitude, Longitude in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio provides the Geo data type for geographical data. You see this data type when you create or edit a data source in Data Studio: Use the Geo data type if you want Data Studio to expect a geographic region (like a city, region, countr...

Event Tracking in Google Analytics – Tutorial

Learn to set up event tracking in Google Analytics. Learn about generating virtual page views, Advantage of Event Tracking over Virtual pageviews......

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