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Guide to Event Tracking via Google Tag Manager

Index Through this article you will learn to track: #1 Clicks on a link via Google Tag Manager #2 Clicks on an image link #3 Clicks on a button #4 Clicks on the button which is embedded across website #5 Form submissions #6 Form fields #7 Clicks on ...

Google Analytics IP filter not working? Here is how to fix it.

Google Analytics IP based filter not working? If you are currently facing this problem then follow the steps below: Step-1: Check your current IP address.....

Blocking internal traffic via IPv6 based view filter in Google Analytics

Learn to block internal traffic via IPv6 based view filter in Google Analytics. IPv6 (or Internet protocol version 6) is designed to replace IPv4...

Why you should use multiple properties in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, a property represents a website or a mobile app. Every change you made to your GA property setting(s) has the potential to skew your analytics data. ...

How to correctly block internal traffic in Google Analytics

Learn to correctly block internal traffic in Google Analytics. Internal traffic is the one generated by you and your employees to your website....

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