Using Data Visualization to analyze the SEO Performance

  Organic search is almost always, one of the top source of traffic, to a website and if you want to understand traffic acquisition, you need to understand the performance of this marketing channel. The volume of organic search traffic your

Website Errors that kill your Conversions and how to fix them

  “79 percent of online shoppers who experience a dissatisfying visit are less likely to buy from that site again” – Source: Akami “If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost

Page Tracking in Google Analytics

  This article is in conjunction with the article ‘Introduction to Google Analytics Library – analytics.js’ and ‘Introduction to Google Analytics Commands’ Technically speaking, Google Analytics is a JavaScript library called ‘analytics.js’ and Google Analytics commands are used for setting

Introduction to Google Analytics Commands

  In order to set up / troubleshoot any Google Analytics implementation whether it is ecommerce tracking, cross domain tracking, event tracking or enhanced ecommerce tracking, you need to understand how the ga() command queue function works. Following is the

Introduction to Google Analytics JavaScript Library – Analytics.js

  In order to implement ecommerce tracking, cross domain tracking or enhanced ecommerce tracking on your website, you need to customize the Google Analytics tracking code. To achieve this objective, without breaking the GA tracking code, you need to understand what analytics.js library is.

Guide to Google Tag Assistant Recordings

  This article is in conjunction with the article: Complete Guide to Google Tag Assistant where I explained tag assistant in great detail. Google Tag Assistant recording is one of the features of Google Tag Assistant. Google Tag Assistant Recording is used

Complete Guide to Google Tag Assistant

  Google diagnostic is a feature of Google Analytics which makes regular evaluation of your analytics property in order to identify implementation issues and configuration anomalies via alerts/notifications in a GA view: But the biggest limitation of Google diagnostic is

Understanding Google Analytics Diagnostic messages and notifications

  Google diagnostic is a feature of Google Analytics which makes regular evaluation of your Google Analytics tracking code, account configuration and data in order to find implementation issues and configuration anomalies. Once it find issues, it alerts the GA user

Introduction to Piwik – Best Google Analytics Alternative

  I have used many analytics tools over the years from statcounter, clicky, kissmetrics, mixpanel to expensive solutions like Adobe Sitecatalyst and Coremetrics. Most of these tools don’t hold a candle to GA in terms of features and the one

Why Adwords and Google Analytics data don’t match & how to fix it

  I am often asked this question: “Why my Adwords and Analytics data don’t match?” and my answer is usually, “I can’t say for sure without first diving into your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts and checking your website setup” And this

Blue Print for Google Analytics Implementation

  If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing. – W. Edwards Deming If you believe in this quote, you are moving in the right direction and this article is for

Baseline and Custom Attribution Models in Google Analytics

  This article is in conjunction with the article: Beginners guide to Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics where I introduced the concept of attribution modelling in the context of Google Analytics and explained the various components of attribution modelling in

Using Custom Channels to understand Google Analytics Reports

  Google Analytics reports are not easy to understand for an average joe. For example, Unless you have already read at least 10 articles on Google Analytics, you can’t figure out what this report is about. Some common questions asked

Understanding MCF Channel Groupings in Google Analytics

  This article is in conjunction with the articles: understanding channels in Google Analytics  and understanding channel grouping in Google Analytics  The knowledge acquired through these articles will help you greatly in understanding the present article. So make sure you

Understanding Channel Grouping in Google Analytics

  This article is in conjunction with the article: Understanding Channels in Google Analytics where I explained the concept of traffic sources, medium and channels in great detail. I also explained, how to create your own marketing channels in GA.If you

Understanding Channels in Google Analytics

  In this article you will learn: #1 What traffic sources and medium, really are. #2 What are channels in the context of Google Analytics. #3  Types of channels: Default and Custom #4 How Google defines: organic search traffic, paid search

Understanding the Anatomy of Conversion Optimization

  Conversion optimization is a process of optimizing the “online performance” of a business. It encompass any online and offline footprints as long as they can be measured, classified or categorized and are used to optimize the [online performance] of

Tracking offline conversions in Google Adwords

  This article is in conjunction with the article ‘Tracking offline conversions in Google Analytics‘ where I explained in great detail how you can optimize your online marketing campaigns for offline conversions by tracking website form leads and phone call

Tracking offline conversions in Google Analytics – Nerd Guide

  How can you optimize your online marketing campaigns for conversions if majority or all of your conversions are happening offline? This is a very common problem for the service industry where businesses use websites and online marketing campaigns to promote

Optimize Smart Web Analytics Tool Box

  If you have been in the field of online marketing and analytics for more than couple of weeks, you know that no one tool can solve all your marketing and analytics problems/questions. You need tools and not just tools,