Introduction to TV Attribution in Google Analytics Attribution 360

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Attribution Modelling in Google Ads and FacebookAttribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond

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I have added more information in this article so that it benefits even my book readers.

Introduction to TV Attribution Modelling

TV attribution modelling is the process of understanding the impact of:

  • TV ad network(s)
  • TV program(s) and
  • TV ad airing slot(s)

on your: website traffic, sales and other online users’ activities.

TV attribution is carried out to understand the role of TV in conversion paths.

TV attribution is carried out to determine the most effective: TV ad network(s), TV program(s) and TV ad airing slot(s) for investment at a particular point in time.

By using TV attribution you can get the answer to questions like:

# Which TV ad network (e.g. CNN, MSNBC) generated maximum user engagement and sales on my website?

# How do the various TV ad networks perform relative to each other?

# Which TV ad networks are worth the reinvestment and which are not?

# Which TV program(s) are worth the reinvestment?

# Which TV ad airing slot works the best for my website sales?

# What time of the day and what day of the week works best for driving online sales?

# What type of online response I got from my TV ads? This response can be in the form of TV driven branded searches, TV driven website traffic, TV driven conversions, and sales.

# What role did TV play in the conversion path? Is it helping more in assisting online conversions or directly completing online conversions?

# How does TV work with digital channels to create conversions and sales?

# How can I improve my TV ad campaigns to generate more online sales?

# Is TV advertising worth the investment or should I reinvest in other marketing channels?

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Introduction to TV Attribution Model

TV attribution model is an algorithmic attribution model that uses machine learning and statistical modelling for assigning conversion credit to various marketing touchpoints.

If you are a business which advertises its products or services on TV and you want to measure the impact of TV advertising on:

  • Online branded search volume.
  • Website traffic.
  • Online conversions.
  • Online sales.
  • Mobile app installs
  • Online customer’s behavior and activities.

You would need to use a TV attribution model.

Why You Need a Dedicated TV Attribution Solution

TV ads drive website traffic and sales. If you monitor your GA real time reports during and after a TV ad, you are likely to see a huge uplift in website traffic and sales.

But there is no easy way to prove that the uplift is because of the TV ad and not because of some other marketing activity.

If you are running several TV ads on various ad networks then it becomes even more difficult to understand the impact of particular ad networks, TV program and ad slots on website traffic and sales. Here TV attribution model tool comes handy.

Through TV attribution model tool you can correlate TV ad airing with your website traffic, sales and other online users’ activities in real-time.

This attribution model is not something that you can create in standard Google Analytics. It is beyond its capabilities.

Also, it is technically extremely difficult and expensive to create and maintain such an attribution model on your own (in-house) unless you have got a team of data scientists and do not mind spending $100k or more.

You would be better off using the services of a third party which specializes in TV attribution modelling. One such third-party is Google.

Introduction to TV Attribution from Google Attribution 360

You can access ‘Attribution 360’ from your GA 360 Suite:

Google has got a competitive advantage over other companies that provide TV attribution solutions.

This competitive advantage is the power to leverage its enormous search data and Google products (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, DoubleClick bid manager, etc.) for TV attribution.

Google Attribution 360 provides a TV attribution model tool with the aim to provide a detailed insight into the relationship between TV ad airings and customer online activities. It uses machine learning and statistical modelling for TV attribution.

Watch this short video on ‘Attribution 360 TV attribution’:

Through Attribution 360 you can:

  • Integrate your TV airing data with your digital data.
  • Understand TV to online customer behavior, minute by minute, in real-time.
  • Carry out multi-screen analysis (see people searching for your brand on mobile phones, tablets or desktops after watching your TV ad).
  • Measure TV ad responses by device and activity type. For example, see how many people are searching online for your brand vs. visiting your website directly after watching your TV ad.

Following is an hour-long webinar on ‘TV attribution’ which is also worth watching:



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