Installing Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on your Shopify Store

Enhanced ecommerce tracking setup on a shopify store can get bit tricky, depending upon the level of your expertise.

In this article I will show you, how to correctly install enhanced ecommerce tracking with and without Google Tag Manager on your Shopify store.

Whether or not you use Google Tag Manager, the whole process of setting up enhanced ecommerce tracking on your Shopify Store is still the same.

Follow the steps below:

Step-1: Make sure that Google Analytics is correctly installed on your website via Shopify (as explained in this article: How to correctly set up Google Analytics for Shopify Store). Otherwise you won’t be to install enhanced ecommerce tracking.

Step-2: Login to your Google Analytics account and then navigate to the ‘All Website data’ view (or any other view where you want to collect the enhanced ecommerce data).

Step-3: Navigate to the ‘Admin’ section of your Google Analytics view and then click on ‘Ecommerce Settings’ under the ‘View’ column:

Step-4: Set your ecommerce settings like the one below:

Note: If you skip Step-4, then your Google Analytics view won’t collect any enhanced ecommerce data coming from Shopify.

Step-5: Leave the ‘checkout labelling’ settings intact. This is because Shopify does not support ‘checkout labelling’ for enhanced ecommerce:

Note: With Shopify Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, your ‘Checkout behaviour Analysis’ report won’t work.

Step-6: Click on the ‘Submit’ button. Your Google Analytics view is now ready to receive enhanced ecommerce data.

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Step-7: In order to understand the checkout behavior of your shopify store, you would need to set up Sales funnel in Google Analytics like the one below:

Shopify generate following virtual pageviews for each checkout step:

Customer Information






Order Review


Thank you


So these virtual pageviews can be used as funnel steps in Google Analytics (provided Google Analytics cross domain tracking is correctly working between your website and the Shopify checkout website:

If you are new to Sales funnel in Google Analytics then read this article: Google analytics goals and sales funnel – Complete Guide

Step-8: Login to your shopify store with Admin/full access and then click on ‘Preferences’ under the ‘Online Store’ drop down menu:

Step-9: Scroll down to the ‘Google Analytics Section’ and then check the box ‘Use Enhanced Ecommerce’:

Step-10: Click on the ‘Save’ button. 


That’s it. Enhanced ecommerce tracking is now installed on your Shopify store.

Note: Do not use Google Tag Manager to install Enhanced Ecommerce tracking on your Shopify Store. Enhanced ecommerce tracking is built into shopify and it does not use GTM or its data layers to deploy the tracking. So even if you try to use data layers for enhanced ecommerce, Shopify won’t use it.

Step-11: Once a new order has been placed on your website and couple of minutes (10 or more minutes) have elapsed then navigate to ‘Shopping Behavior Analysis report‘ (under ‘Conversions’ > ‘Ecommerce’) in your Google Analytics view:

You should now be able to see the ecommerce data like the one below:

Step-12: Now navigate to ‘Funnel Visualization’ report (under ‘Conversions’ > ‘Goals’):

Step-13: Select the goal you created earlier (in order to understand the checkout behavior of your shopify store) from the ‘Goals’ drop down menu:

Step-14: Now look at the funnel visualization report and find drop offs from one funnel step to the next:

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