Cost Of Google Marketing Platform And Is It Worth It?

Google Marketing Platform provide set of tools that are designed specifically for marketers who operate at the enterprise level and who want to integrate analytics and advertising data.

The Google Marketing Platform comprises of:

#1 Google Analytics 360 (paid version of Google Analytics. It comes with enhanced features).

#2 Google Attribution (provides advanced attribution modelling capabilities)

#3 Google Tag Manager 360 (paid version of Google Tag Manager)

#4 Google Optimize 360 (paid version of Google Optimize used to run tests on websites).

#5 Google Surveys 360 (paid version of Google surveys used to create online surveys).

#6 Display & Video 360 (it is the consolidation of ‘DoubleClick Bid Manager’, ‘Campaign Manager’, ‘Studio’, and ‘Audience Center’. This tool is used for: planning campaigns, designing and managing creative, organizing and applying audience data, finding and buying inventory, and measuring and optimizing campaigns.)

#7 Search Ads 360 (tool used to manage search marketing campaigns on large scale and/or across multiple search engines and media channels).

#8 Data Studio (dashboarding and data visualization tool).

Google has not publicly released the pricing of Google Marketing Platform.

The Google Marketing Platform pricing depends upon:

  • The region/country where your company is based.
  • Expected monthly hit volume (no additional charges for up to 500 million hits per month).
  • How you are planning to purchase the Google Marketing Platform? Is it directly via Google or via Google Marketing platform sales partner?
  • Are you planning to use the entire suite or just individual 360 product?

Note: Extensive querying of GA data in BigQuery could also result in additional cost.

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In the US, Google Marketing Platform should cost you at least $150,000 per year. You will be invoiced monthly for $12,500

Google does not sell Google Marketing Platform solution directly in some countries. In that case, you may need to find and contact a Google Marketing platform sales partner.

Even when you can buy Google Marketing Platform directly from Google, you should consider purchasing it from a Google Marketing platform sales partner. As then you can get more support, training and overall better customer support.

You can either purchase the entire suite of tools for a monthly fees of at least $12,500 / month or you can purchase a subscription for individual 360 product (like Google Optimize 360).

Is Google Marketing Platform Worth it?

If your monthly online sales is at least US $1 million and/or your website gets more than 10 million hits/month (> 1 million visitors a month) then you should definitely invest in Google Marketing Platform.

From my experience it is hard to justify $12,500 per month spend on an analytics tools, if the online sales is less than $1 million per month.

If your website gets more than 10 millions pageviews or hits each month but you can not afford to use Google Analytics 360 (aka GA premium) then you should lower the data sample rate to stay within the GA processing limits for a standard property.

That’s how you can avoid violating Google Analytics TOS (terms of service).

According to Google Analytics TOS, you should not use Google Analytics standard, if your website gets more than 10 million hits per month.

If you violate the Google Analytics TOS then Google Analytics may stop tracking your website data, any day, any time.

Best Alternative to Google Analytics 360

If GA 360 is beyond your budget then consider using a tool called ‘Matomo’.

Following are the key benefits of using Matomo over GA 360:

#1 Matamo is free to use. GA 360 can cost you $12,500 per month.

#2 Matomo has no data storage and collection limit (provided you are hosting Matomo instance on your own web server or hard disk).

#3 There is no limit on the number of goals, transactions and pageviews you can track.

#4 No limit on the number of websites you can track.

#5 No limit on number of user accounts, scheduled reports and the amount of data you can export.

#6 Because Matomo has got plugin architecture and open marketplace, it provides endless customization of its platform.

#7 Matomo has got no data sampling issues. You get 100% unsampled data.

Related Article: Difference Between Google Analytics And Google Analytics 360

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