Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma – Founder, Author, Coach and Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Himanshu Sharma. I am the founder of Optimize Smart (formerly SEO Takeaways).

I help businesses to find and fix their Google Analytics and conversion issues.

I have over 12 years’ experience in web analytics and digital marketing.

My company ‘OptimizeSmart’ is a Google Partner.

Google Partners are experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords and Analytics accounts.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in internet science and I am both Google Analytics certified and Google Adwords Certified.

The Google Analytics Certification is proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to only those individuals who have passed the Google Analytics IQ test.

The Google AdWords Certification is proof of proficiency in Google AdWords that is available to only those individuals who have passed the Google AdWords exam.

I am author of three best selling books on conversion optimization, attribution modelling and email marketing analytics which are available on Amazon:

I have got extensive experience in managing Facebook campaigns.

In addition to these books, I have published more than half a dozen other books on web analytics and conversion optimization which you can directly download from my website:

I run the world’s most popular blogs on analytics on optimizesmart.com.

My blog gets more than 260,000 readers each month from all over the world:

blog traffic

OptimizeSmart.com traffic in the last one month according to Google Analytics ‘Audience Overview’ report.

I was nominated for the Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence.

The Digital Analytics Association is a world renowned not-for-profit association which helps organizations overcome the challenges of data acquisition and application.


Endorsements from marketing professionals

I have hundreds of endorsements from marketing professionals on LinkedIn.

For more information about my professional background, please check my LinkedIn profile.

Also take a look at the Optimize Smart testimonial page which shows reviews and recommendations from many happy clients.

Himanshu Sharma

Certified web analyst and founder of OptimizeSmart.com

My name is Himanshu Sharma and I help businesses find and fix their Google Analytics and conversion issues. If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

  • Over eleven years' experience in SEO, PPC and web analytics
  • Google Analytics certified
  • Google AdWords certified
  • Nominated for Digital Analytics Association Award for Excellence
  • Bachelors degree in Internet Science
  • Founder of OptimizeSmart.com and EventEducation.com

I am also the author of three books:

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