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The analytics consultation includes:

Configuring Google Analytics

It includes setting up/fixing:

  1. Goal conversion tracking
  2. Ecommerce tracking
  3. Cross domain tracking
  4. Event tracking
  5. Campaign tracking
  6. Phone Call tracking
  7. YouTube Video Tracking
  8. Scroll Tracking
  9. Newsletter/email tracking
  10. Custom reports

  11. Custom dashboards
  12. Advanced segments
  13. Integrating Google Adwords to Google Analytics
  14. Integrating Google Webmaster tools to Google Analytics
  15. Debugging/troubleshooting Google Analytics issues


Configuring Universal Analytics

It includes setting up/fixing:

  1. Universal Analytics account
  2. Goal conversion tracking
  3. Ecommerce tracking
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  5. Cross domain tracking
  6. Event tracking
  7. Campaign tracking
  8. Phone Call tracking
  9. YouTube Video Tracking
  10. Scroll Tracking
  11. Newsletter/email tracking
  12. Custom reports
  13. Custom dashboards
  14. Custom metrics
  15. Custom dimensions

  16. Content groups
  17. Custom Cost data
  18. Advanced segments
  19. Integrating Google Adwords to Google Analytics
  20. Integrating Google Webmaster tools to Google Analytics
  21. Debugging/troubleshooting Universal Analytics issues


Configuring Google Tag Manager

It includes setting up/fixing:

  1. Google Tag Manager Account
  2. Data Layers
  3. Goal conversion tracking
  4. Ecommerce tracking
  5. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  6. Cross domain tracking
  7. Event tracking
  8. Campaign tracking
  9. Phone Call tracking
  10. YouTube Video Tracking
  11. Scroll Tracking
  12. Custom metrics
  13. Custom dimensions
  14. Debugging/troubleshooting Google Tag Manager issues


Experience, Skills and Qualification

I have been directly coached by world famous Analytics  guru ‘Avinash Kaushik‘ on the subject of  ‘web analytics’.

He shared some of the most valuable analytical skills, tips and tricks with me which has skyrocketed my knowledge in the field of web analytics. You therefore can expect extra ordinary analytical insight from me. Besides this, what set me apart from others is the interpretation of the analytics data. I can quickly find useful actionable insight which can improve the conversions and sales of your online business.

I am pioneer in multi channel funnel consulting and am working on developing my own attribution models to better understand and assign credit to the acquisition channels which assist in sales and conversions.

Certified Web Analyst – Master Level


 Web Analytics Master Certification is a 3 months + coached training program run by ‘Avinash kaushik‘, world Famous Analytics Guru and Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. 


Google Analytics Certified


The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to only those individuals who have passed the Google Analytics IQ test

Passing this test is a proof that I am a proficient Google Analytics user.


Nominated for ‘Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence


Digital Analytics Association‘ is a world renowned not-for-profit association which helps organizations overcome the challenges of data acquisition and application. 


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Featured blogger on ‘WebAnalyticsWorld.Net’


Web Analytics World is recognised as being one of the world’s leading blog and news sites in the web analytics industry.

You can see my contributions on Web Analytics World here


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I provide Analytics Consultation with following aims:

1. To understand the buying behavior of your visitors i.e. why people buy from your website, what they do before they buy, what prompted them to make a purchase.

2. To determine the most effective acquisition channels for investment.

3. To find quick wins to improve sales and conversions.

4. To measure the effectiveness of your SEO, PPC, Display and other marketing campaigns.

5. To improve your ROI, Conversions and Sales.


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