Complete Guide to Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics

  In this article you will learn all about dimensions & metrics in Google Analytics. I will start from the basics and then go into great detail. Here is what you will learn in a nutshell: #1 Introduction to Dimensions

How to correctly measure Conversion Date & Time in Google Analytics

  There is a predefined dimension in Google Analytics called ‘Hour‘. This dimension reports hour of the day in the form of two digits ranging from 00 -23. Here 00 means 12 am, 01 means 1 am, 02 means 2

How to correctly install enhanced ecommerce via Product Data Import

  This article is about correctly installing enhanced ecommerce tracking on a website. This article is useful for those folks who have either not installed enhanced ecommerce tracking yet or who have installed enhanced ecommerce tracking but they are not

100+ Google Analytics Remarketing audiences for Retargeting

  In this article I will show more than 100 different ways to remarket to your target audience. You will learn about more than 100 different customers personas and how they can be used to get optimum results from your

Guide to Dynamic remarketing in Google analytics & Adwords

  Remarketing is a technique which is used to re-target people who left your website without completing a goal conversion (like making a purchase). The people who are re-targeted are known as remarketing audience. This audience is shown one or

What I learned from trying to fix the Ghost Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

  Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share. – Steve Harvey This is one of those

How to use Google Analytics API without any coding

  In this article I will show you how to use Google Analytics API without doing any coding.   Introduction to APIs Application programming interface (or API) is the interface between two program modules. This interface is made up of

Google Analytics Training Resources and Tutorials

  I get lot of emails from folks every day, asking me to recommend a particular Google Analytics resource for further reading and learning. The resources below can help you get the most out of Google Analytics. It doesn’t matter whether

Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager V2 – Complete Guide

  In this article you will learn: #1 Tracking Form Submissions via Google Tag Manager #2 Tracking Form Fields #3 Tracking clicks on external links across a website #4 Tracking File downloads and other button clicks #5 Video Tracking in

Beginners guide to JavaScript for Google Analytics

  JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It is easy to learn (thus wide spread adoption), client side (thus very fast, no server side processing) and defacto language of web browsers (thus dubbed as the language

Tracking Twitter and Linkedin Social Interactions in Google Analytics

  This is the second article in the social interactions tracking series. The first article was: Tracking Facebook Social Interactions with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Where I introduced the concept of social interactions tracking in Google Analytics and

Tracking Facebook Social Interactions with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  Index (What you will learn) Introduction to Social Interactions Tracking in Google Analytics Requirements for Social Interactions Tracking in Google Analytics Limitation of Social Interactions Tracking in Google Analytics Facebook Event Tracking (FB.Event.subscribe) Process for tracking Facebook ‘likes’ and

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager

  This is my 6th article in the enhanced ecommerce series. #1 The first article was Understanding Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics where I introduced the concept of enhanced ecommerce, enhanced ecommerce measurement model and various enhanced ecommerce commands.

Tracking true referrals in Google Analytics when using PayPal and other payment gateways

  Many businesses use PayPal and other third party payment gateways to accept online payment.But this can create tracking issues in Google Analytics. A payment gateway is a service through which you can accept credit/debit cards and other forms of

How to grow your blog to 215k+ visitors a month

  Content marketing is not something which I cover on this blog. This is a Sunday afternoon article, so little bit of rant is involved. Bear with me. What prompted me to write this article is the volume of misleading

Using Multiple Trackers for Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics

  This is the 5th article in the cross domain tracking series. The other articles in this series are: Google & Universal Analytics Cookies Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics Cross domain tracking in Google

Creating your own Google Analytics Tag Auditing System

  Tag auditing is used to identify various tags (tag is a piece of JavaScript code) on a website for the purpose of: #1 Upgrading from Classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics #2 Migrating Classic / Universal Analytics tags &

Cross domain tracking in Google Tag Manager

  This article is the 4th in the series of cross domain tracking. The first article was: Google & Universal Analytics Cookies  where I explained cookies in great detail. Knowledge of cookies help a lot in understanding and troubleshooting cross domain

Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics – demystified

  I have written about cross domain tracking in Google Analytics (ga.js) in the past, which to be honest is quite difficult to implement. But Universal Analytics (analytics.js) has made cross domain tracking quite easy. Still for many, cross domain

Digital analytics and marketing framework for Conversion Optimization

  Every analytics consultant/agency worth it salt uses some type of framework in order to measure and optimize its digital marketing efforts. In this article I am going to present the framework I use. My framework is loosely based on