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jacob“The Optimise Smart Web Analytics Training Course is a must take for any person who runs a business and want to know more about how to work with data as efficient as possible. The course is fun, insightful and educational and you will both enjoy it and get empowered from its content. If you apply the learning you will see an uplift both in terms of sales and conversions.
* A lot of interesting content which is useful in real life. One can tell Himanshu put in a lot of thought and time writing it.
* Himanshu don’t only focus on things clearly related to CRO and web analytics but rather put these expertise in into a broader picture by explaining how they fit together with other areas within a business.
* I loved the section about how to write a “data story” and how you highlight the importance of that rather than fancy charts and graphics
– Jacob, Sweden

damaris“There are several things I like about this course; I’ll highlight two. The first thing is the sequencing. The course starts with the 10,000 foot view of Web Analytics and an overview of industry terms and vocabulary.

This is really important for building the right foundation and understanding the industry. The second thing I like is the assessments at the end of each module. Testing has been proven to boost learning and retention of information. The quizzes are excellent. ”
Damaris, United States

wiehan“An online course chock-full of information that doesn’t conform to the norm. Get a deep dive into topics ranging from how to collect data down to presenting performance with storytelling. Who should not sign up for the course? If you don’t like a challenge and you enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from your comfort zone. Who should take action after reading this review? Web analysts who are keen to explore the true tactics and approaches to impact the bottom-line of any business. Himanshu tramples 90% of course creators playing in the same space. I highly recommend it to any wanting to advance their skills.”
Wiehan, South Africa

anthon“The Optimize Smart Web Analytics Training course is absolutely brilliant. Himanshu has structured it in a way where the key concepts which every Web Analyst needs to know are easily learnt and remembered.

You can’t progress to the next module in the course until you’ve completed all the lessons and passed the exam on the previous module which is great because it forces you to actually understand and wrap your head around what he’s teaching you”
Anthon, United Kingdom

“I really liked, how Himanshu structured the test. It gives you a great overview about the topics of web analytics and even if i work in the industry quite a while now, i really could (again) learn a lot from him. Since i am German and English is not my mother tongue, for me Himanshu was the perfect choice, because you can explain things in a crystal clear an easy to understand manner….
I would have loved, if the end of the test was a bit more personal: – a nice congratulation-site
– a summary of my results
– maybe a bit of gamification: how did i overall perform in comparison to others
and: i would have loved to get guidelines how to proceed from here on, for example links to your best blog articles or links to articles about topics:
– interested in overall strategy: these blog posts are about strategy
– interested in attribution modelling: these are about attribution modelling
all the best, and keep up the good work
Timo, Germany

travis“This course is excellent in my opinion! Himanshu explains things in great detail and I love having the opportunity to return to it at any time if/when I have questions or need a refresher.

Himanshu helps learners to focus on what is important to any business (profitability), instead of explaining anything and everything flooding our brains.

I also appreciate his reminder to exercise caution when delivering information to decision makers. Not to instill fear, but to ensure accuracy”
Travis, United States

“The Optimize Smart course is much more than a fast-track instruction on how to “do SEO” or how to use a single service in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Himanshu’s course is like a condensed and combined version of a business degree with a focus on operations sandwiched with an intro to data science. The course is wholesome, challenging and full of information to make you better at understanding the needs of the businesses you work with.”– Matthew, United States
“For someone completely new to ‘Web Analytics’ this is exactly what i needed. Thanks Himanshu” – Max, United States
“Taking the Web Analytics Training course by transforms your mindset from just being data-driven to becoming truly data smart! Having already read some Himanshu’s books I knew from the outset, I would be in safe hands! This course provides you with a complete roadmap of how to approach your online analysis and gives you the ‘tools’ needed to improve the performance of any online business. Best of all, Himanshu provides you with ‘water-cooler’ insights and guidance found only in someone who has lived, breathed and ‘practised’ online analytics for many years. If you care about your online data, you need to take this training!”
Mark – UK
“Very clear and informative course. The various assessments are really an asset of this course and set it apart from other course out there. Best suited for professionals who want to make a career in web analytics “ – Marcos, Spain
“Thank you Himanshu for this course, really useful and easy to understand. Assessments really helped me in checking my understanding of the study material” – Nick, Australia
“I liked the course. The topics are short and easy to understand. There are too many assessment questions, around 1000, probably. I was constantly tested throughout this course  which was wearying at times but now I think, is all worth it. There are no videos in this course which is bit strange. But then it is not a conventional course. If you are afraid of being tested over and over again then this course is not for you” – Richard, UK
“Well Structured and test oriented course. I don’t remember, when was the last time i was tested so thoroughly. Himanshu did a great job in creating this course. I was apprehensive, how this course will turn out without any audio and videos. But it turned out to be quite right. There are no walls of text in this course. Once you start taking this course, it becomes quite difficult to stop. You get the urge to move to next topic and then the next, as topics are very short and too the point. This course will help me in my career, for sure.” – Sumit, United States
“This course is exactly how a web analytics course should be taught with lot of assessments.” – Levi, Netherlands
“Himanshu explains everything well and make sure that you get it. It is a great practical introduction to web analytics. I definitely recommend this course’. – Mateo, United States
“Fantastic Course. I have learned so much and i am more than happy to recommend it to others. I will definitely buy your books now” – Aiden, United States
“Excellent course. More than what i expected. I could take it at my own pace and followed along the topics and assessments. It is a very practical course and there is nothing superficial about it. Worth every penny and more.” – Camilla, United States
“Usually courses include couple of exercises at the end to test your understanding. There is almost always not enough exercises and the ones included are too simple. Not with this course. This course will test a hell out of you and if you did not pay attention, you won’t pass. There are hundreds of assessment questions and are structured in such a way that guessing won’t help. You need to know the correct answer. But you can take the assessments as many times as required which is a good thing. So you can’t fail this course. Also you can not move forward unless you pass the assessment for the previous lesson which can be annoying but I understand why Himanshu thought that would be good for learning. I highly recommend this course for data analysts” – Matthew, United States
“The course is well organized and very well explained. I like how Himanshu teaches concepts and then test you immediately after that. Overall, highly recommend this course” – Jayce, United States
“This course helped me in finding out whether web analytics career is for me or not. There are lot of tests for each lesson, sometimes way too many. But i do get the feeling, i learned something after passing each test.” – Karcsi, France
“Well structured course that really built up my confidence in analysing web data. The last four lessons on ‘Business Performance Analysis’ are the true gem of this course. I highly recommend this course” – David, UK
“Really great course. All lessons and topics are easy to follow. Beware this course won’t go easy on testing you. There are dozen of exercises to practice what you learned. Highly recommended for web analysts and conversion optimizers.” – Julian, United States
“As a beginner on this topic, i found this course to be extremely useful. Himanshu is a great teacher and his course is amazing. The course really help to understand the various aspects of digital analytics.” – Grace, United States
“This course is more than just a course. It is like being mentored by one of the best in the analytics industry. I can’t recommend highly enough” – Mark, United States
“Not a theory heavy course. Lot of assessments. I learned a lot. Thank you Himanshu. It’s been a pleasure. “ – Pascaline, France
“The assessments of this course are very challenging. You can not easily get the certificate. I have taken many course in the past which do not really assess you until i took this course. Assessments are integral part of this course and are made as important as the study material. My confidence level has gone up after taking so many tests. Kudos to Himanshu for creating this wonderful course” – Jayden, United States
“This course is as easy to understand as Himanshu’s blog posts. Everything is explained to the exact level of detail that is required with no fluff and no assumptions of prior knowledge. Highly recommended” – Amit, India
“I managed to get along very well even when i have come to this course from a non-analytics background. Really great course.” – Martin, UK
“Can’t say enough good things about this course. Himanshu is very knowledgeable on the subject of ‘web analytics’. Practice makes perfect and the tons of assessments in the course stand it apart from other course on web analytics” – Ramesh, United States
“Learned a lot by taking several tests. Most lessons are explained very clearly. Overall the training is excellent and i now know that web analytics career is for me. “ –  Isana, Germany
“Brilliant course. Best course on web analytics. I am a big fan of Himanshu’s teaching style. Every lesson, topic is easy to understand and follow.” –  Jason, United States
“It will be your loss, if you don’t enrol in this course. Will continue more with Himanshu’s books” – Alice, Australia

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