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2 Setting up Sales Funnel across websites in Google Analytics
3 Implementing E-Commerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager
4 Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never before
5 Google Analytics – Google Tag Manager Audit by Optimize Smart
6 Testimonials / Reviews Optimize Smart
7 E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics – Complete Guide
8 Complete Guide to Dimensions & Metrics in Google Analytics
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10 Guide to Cross device tracking with User Id in Google Analytics


11 About Optimize Smart
12 How to select best Excel Charts for Data Analysis & Reporting
13 Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager
14 Using Cohort Analysis & Enhanced ecommerce to understand users behavior.
15 Why Adwords and Google Analytics data don’t match & how to fix it
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17 Setting up & Tracking AMP Pages in Google Analytics – Optimize Smart
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20 Difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics


21 Google Analytics Debugging via Fiddler
22 Geek guide to removing referrer spam in Google Analytics
23 Troubleshooting Google Analytics Setup Issues – Part 2
24 Understanding Users in Google Analytics
25 Google Analytics Social Tracking – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin
26 Bounce Rate Optimization in Google Analytics – Complete Guide
27 Selecting the Best Attribution Model for Inbound Marketing
28 Beginners guide to Google Analytics Debugging
29 Understanding trackers in Google Analytics
30 Top 10 KPIs for SEO – Optimize Smart


31 Google Analytics Shortcuts: Tricks, Tools & APIs
32 Adjusting Bounce Rate in Google & Universal Analytics
33 Sample SEO Contract Template
34 Google Analytics Training Resources and Tutorials
35 Introduction to Google Analytics JavaScript Library – Analytics.js
36 Implementing rollup reporting in Google Analytics
37 You are doing Conversion Tracking all wrong. Here is why
38 You are doing Google Analytics all wrong. Here is why
39 CAN SPAM Act – E-Mail Marketing the Inside Story – SEO Takeaways
40 How to do ROI Analysis in Google Universal Analytics


41 Google Tag Manager Implementation Guide
42 Analytics Career Advice from Top Industry Experts
43 SEO Scams – Why you get ripped off again and again
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45 How to Charge for managing SEO Campaigns
46 SEO ROI Analysis – How to do ROI calculations for SEO
47 Event Tracking & Virtual pageviews in Google Analytics – Complete Guide
48 WordPress Website Speed Optimization
49 Google Analytics Attribution Modeling – Beginners Guide
50 10 Google Analytics Views that you must always use


51 Implementing Scroll Tracking via Google Tag Manager
52 Guide to Google Tag Assistant Recordings – Optimize Smart
53 Google & Universal Analytics Cookies – Complete Guide
54 Google Universal Analytics Data Trend Analysis – Complete Guide
55 YouTube video tracking via Google Tag Manager
56 Adjusting Bounce Rate via Google Tag Manager
57 Cross domain tracking in Google Tag Manager
58 Malware Removal Checklist for WordPress – DIY Security Guide
59 10 Powerful Tips to Leverage Content Theft
60 Google Analytics Account Setup checklist


61 Data Scraping guide for SEO & Analytics
62 Understanding Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics
63 Advanced Google & Universal Analytics Tracking – Beginners Guide
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65 How to explain attribution modelling to your clients
66 Understanding Active Users Report in Google Analytics
67 Measuring Customers lifetime value in Google Analytics for Mobile App users
68 Understanding Triggers & Variables in Google Tag Manager V2
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71 Complete Guide to Google Tag Assistant – Optimize Smart
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73 Email Protection | CloudFlare
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80 Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking – Complete Guide


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90 How to measure the ROI of Content Marketing


91 What Matters more: Conversion Volume or Conversion Rate – Case Study
92 How to determine Monetary Value of Non ecommerce Conversions
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94 Copyright, Patent & Trademark – 20 Things you must know
95 Remarketing Archives – Optimize Smart
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98 Excel for SEO & Analytics – Powerful Cheat Sheet
99 Understanding Channel Grouping in Google Analytics
100 11 powerful methods to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics


101 Understanding WordPress Website Architecture
102 Tracking offline conversions in Google Adwords
103 Google Analytics Goals and Sales funnels – Complete Guide
104 What you should know about Historical Data in Web Analytics
105 Regular Expressions Guide for SEO, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
106 Most important Advanced Segment for Conversion Optimization in Google Analytics
107 Social Media Engagement Metrics – 6 things you can learn
108 Maths and Stats behind Web Analytics – Beginners Guide
109 Tracking Long tail keywords through Google Universal Analytics
110 Keyword Research for e-commerce websites – Tutorial


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112 How to analyse and report the true value of your SEO Campaign
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121 How to correctly install enhanced ecommerce via Product Data Import
122 How to use Agile Analytics to quickly solve your Conversion problems
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125 Learn to Automate Event Tracking in Google Analytics
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127 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Complete Guide
128 Google Analytics Measurement Protocol & Hit Builder
129 How to Translate Business Objectives into Measurable Goals
130 12 SEO myths and facts you must know


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132 6 Simple steps to Create and Analyze a Marketing Strategy
133 Measuring Content Marketing Success in Google Analytics
134 10 golden rules to manage your PPC Campaigns
135 Advanced Attribution Modelling in Google Universal Analytics
136 Bare Minimum Statistics for Web Analytics
137 Automating and Scaling Keyword Research through SEMRush
138 Strategies Archives – Optimize Smart
139 What I learned from trying to fix the Ghost Referrer Spam in Google Analytics
140 10 Techniques to migrate from Data Driven to Data Smart Marketing


141 Practical Tips to develop user engagement for e-commerce website
142 How to develop relationship with potential linking partners
143 Data Driven or Data blind and why I prefer being Data Smart
144 Google Analytics Tutorial – Understanding Traffic Acquisition
145 Link Building Pyramid – Hierarchy of Link Building Needs
146 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign
147 Measuring Keywords Performance in Google Analytics & Excel
148 Value of a back link – deep analysis
149 Advanced Conversion Funnel Analysis via PadiTrack
150 Beginners Guide to Coding for SEO & Web Analytics


151 Facebook Analytics – Super Duper Guide by SEOTakeaways
152 Understanding Channels in Google Analytics
153 Understanding the Anatomy of Conversion Optimization
154 Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics – demystified
155 4 Simple Tricks to Get Anything Done in SEO
156 Understanding A/B testing statistics to get REAL Lift in Conversions
157 Digital analytics and marketing framework for Conversion Optimization
158 Website Errors that kill your Conversions and how to fix them – Optimize Smart
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160 Pocket Guide to do it yourself Usability Testing


161 SEO Generalist or Specialist – Which is better?
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163 AIDA Communication Model and Conversions
164 6 Cool Link Building Tips for E-Commerce website
165 Users Engagement Strategy – Basic Courtesy
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167 How to use Web Analytics 2.0 to improve your conversions
168 Optimize Smart Sitemap
169 How to Optimize for Local Search – Optimize Smart
170 How to use ZMOT to increase Conversions and Sales exponentially


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174 Title Tags Best Practices
175 How to find your Best E-Commerce Clients & improve bottomline
176 How Search Engines Work? – Optimize Smart
177 Smart SEO Formulas – Optimize Smart
178 Link building outreach – Follow these 7 golden rules before you Ask
179 Tracking Facebook Social Interactions with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
180 Google Analytics Rank Tracker


181 Calculating True Conversion Rate in Google Analytics
182 Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords Analysis – Ultimate Guide
183 Understanding Sessions in Google Analytics
184 Fixing Google Analytics Tracking Notifications
185 Geek guide to Direct Traffic Analysis
186 How to Start Conversion Optimization like a Pro
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188 Contact – Optimize Smart
189 7 Powerful methods to Improve your Business Bottomline
190 Tracking offline conversions in Google Analytics – Nerd Guide


191 12 Link Building Tips for 2013 – SEOTakeaways
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197 How to measure & improve the Quality of SEO Traffic through Google Analytics
198 Analyzing and Reporting Conversion Rate in Google Analytics
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201 9 point Checklist for conducting Social Media Strategy Audit
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206 How to grow your blog to 215k+ visitors a month
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208 Ultimate Data Visualization Guide for Analysis of SEO Campaigns
209 One tip that will Skyrocket your Analytics Career
210 Baseline and Custom Attribution Models in Google Analytics


211 Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager V2 – Complete Guide
212 How to get not provided keywords in Google Analytics
213 Fixing Duplicate, Cancelled, Test orders & Refunds in Google Analytics
214 How to use Open Graph Protocol
215 Guide to Dynamic remarketing in Google analytics & Adwords
216 2016 Google Analytics IQ Exam Preparation + GAIQ Sample Questions
217 8 Google Analytics Conversions Segments you Must use
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219 Blue Print for Google Analytics Implementation
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221 7 Powerful KPIs to Measure your Link Building Outreach
222 How to track web pages with zero traffic in Google Analytics
223 Attribution Modelling in Google Adwords – Complete Guide
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225 Image Optimization Tips that will help you tons
226 htaccess tips and tricks – Optimize Smart
227 6 data drill downs for improving Ecommerce Products Sales
228 Creating your own Google Analytics Tag Auditing System
229 Google Analytics Mistakes that kill your Analysis & Conversions
230 Page Tracking in Google Analytics – Optimize Smart


231 Google Tag Manager Archives – Optimize Smart
232 Making Good Marketing Decisions despite of faulty Analytics data
233 Link Building Archives – Optimize Smart
234 Understanding Data Sampling in Google Analytics
235 Tracking true referrals in Google Analytics when using PayPal and other payment gateways
236 Google Analytics Pivot Tables – Complete Guide
237 Implementing Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics
238 How to correctly measure Conversion Date & Time in Google Analytics
239 Conversion Optimization Archives – Optimize Smart


240 How to Analyze and Report above AVERAGE
241 The Guaranteed way to Sell Conversion Optimization to your Client
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248 Book – Maths and Stats for Web Analytics & Conversion Optimization (PDF Format)
249 Here is Why Conversion Volume Optimization is better than CRO
250 Category Conversion Optimization


251 How to Analyze and Report above AVERAGE
252 The Guaranteed way to Sell Conversion Optimization to your Client
253 Category Conversion Optimization – 2
254 How to use Google Analytics API without any coding
255 Beginners guide to JavaScript for Google Analytics
256 Category SEO
257 Understanding the Analytics behind Google Adwords
258 Here is Why Conversion Volume Optimization is better than CRO