Web Analytics Training Course

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In order to get ‘results’ from this course, remember these 5 important points

#1 Courses are not meant for entertainment. 

#2 Go through the training ‘every single day‘ with the end goal in mind i.e. to learn new skills and become an expert. Make this training an integral part of your daily routine. Otherwise you will regularly skip training sessions.

#3 “PRACTICE” what you have learned every single day. Just consuming the information is not going to help. In order to ‘retain information’ in your long term memory, you need to practice every day.

#4 Not everything that can help you in becoming successful is something you will really enjoy doing. This is what we call ‘struggle’. If there wasn’t any struggle, everybody would be an expert with six pack abs and million dollars in their bank account.

#5 Imagine what would have happened to the career of Muhammad Ali (the greatest boxer of all time) if he went into the gym for the first time and told his coach :

“Hey coach i want to become a world class boxer but my training needs to be interesting and no violence please and let just skip the footwork, diet and other boxing basics. I am not interested in that. Let just fast forward to the best part where you tell me, how i can become a world champion.”

Do not have such mindset. Learn and master the basics first. Do not try to skip lessons. Complete the course. Your career depends upon it.

Course overview

Read this carefully before taking the course:

  1. You must complete lesson-1 and take the assessment(s) for lesson-1 before moving on to subsequent lesson(s) like ‘lesson-2’. This has been done to ensure that you have successfully absorbed the study material before you are in a position to take advanced lessons.
  2. You need to pass the assessment(s) for lesson-1 before you can move on to subsequent lesson(s). Otherwise, you won’t be able to take subsequent lesson(s) and/or their assessment(s).
  3. If they are more than one assessment for a lesson then you would need to pass all of the assessments for that lesson before you are qualified to move to subsequent lesson(s).
  4. The passing percentage is 80% for each assessment of a lesson. If you do not pass an assessment, you need to take it again until your passing percentage is 80% or more. For some lessons the passing percentage for each assessment is 90%.
  5. Follow the same rules for all other lessons.
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Watch this video before taking this course