Outsource Analytics Work


I get dozens of enquiries every month from agencies about white labelling their services or outsourcing analytics work to me. So I thought of creating this page to answer some of most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Do you provide white label services?

Yes. I provide white label for Web Analytics. I also work for selected few contractors who bring the projects and I do the work.

Q2. What are the terms and conditions for providing white label services?

There are no hard and fast rules as such. But I do not partner with anybody. I work with those who are on same wavelength. Therefore it is important that we first have a skype call. If you are looking for white label then you know, you have to deal with the client so that I can focus on doing all the work. I give priority to contractors/agencies who are willing to engage for the long term and can bring steady flow of work each month.

Q3. How much do you charge?

I charge per project/website. I don’t have any fixed fees. Nor do I charge hourly. This is because not all projects/websites are the same. Some projects/websites require more work than others. Therefore my fees depends upon the nature and amount of work involved. I charge a fixed fees per project to keep the fees structure simple and to avoid any future disagreements regarding the number of billable hours. However I do not take any project less than US $980.

Q4. Are we a right fit for each other?

In order for this partnership to be mutually profitable you are a contractor/agency who charges  at least US $3,000 per project from your client.  If you charge less than $3k then we won’t be profitable for each other.

Q5. How this partnership works?

After a brief intro call, I can start with one of your client’s website. I will ask you couple of questions regarding your client’s business and website. I will ask for GA/GTM account access so that I can look around and see what data is missing and what needs to be fixed. Then I can create a proposal for you which meet your specific requirements. Once the scope of the work is clear to me and there is mutual written agreement on what I will do and won’t do, then I quote a fees. Once there is any agreement on fees and I get paid, I start the work.

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