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Optimize Smart is one of the world’s most visited blogs on web analytics.

Our blog get more than 250,000 sessions a month from virtually every country on this planet and has got more than 10,000 newsletter subscribers.

When you write for OptimizeSmart, you get massive exposure to a new audience and off-course a backlink to your site.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for OptimizeSmart then please review our guest post guidelines.

This is to ensure that your article get published. The last thing we want you to do, is to spend a ton of time and resources on writing a blog post that does not meet our editorial guidelines:

#1 Your guest post must be related to: Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Conversion Optimization. We don’t accept articles on any other topics.


#2 Propose a topic you would like to write about. You can send full article two. But there is no guarantee that it will be published. If we don’t decide to use your post, feel free to use it somewhere else.


#3 Your article has to be very good and 100% original (never published anywhere). We don’t publish rubbish.


#4 Article length – Minimum 2000 words.


#5 Your article must provide useful and actionable takeaway(s) that the readers can start using straight away.


#6 Pen names are not allowed.


#7 We do not charge or make payments for guest posts.



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