Google Tag Manager consulting

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM) is a free tag management solution provided by Google. A tag is a bunch of JavaScript code which is used to collect measurement and marketing data from your website or mobile app and then send that data to a third party service. The third party service could be:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • ComScore etc.

Examples of Tags:

  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Google Adwords conversion tracking code
  • Facebook pixel code etc

The difference between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a free online software provided by Google through which you can track how people find your website and how do they use your website.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management tool. It does not track how people find your website and how do they use your website. GTM in fact does not track anything. It is used to collect data and then send that data to Google Analytics. It is used to deploy and manage various marketing and analytics tags on your website.

Without Google Analytics (or other similar analytics software), GTM is not useful for you.

Key benefits of using Google Tag Manager

No need to edit the website code over and over again

GTM removes the need for editing the website code over and over again just for adding, removing or editing tags. Instead, one code is placed on every page on your website, which is the GTM container code. This container code literally acts as a container, as it can store and deploy several marketing and analytics tags. Through the GTM user interface, you can: add, edit, enable, disable or remove any tag, with just a few button clicks.

GTM reduce the work load of your web developers

When you use GTM, your web developer does not need to hard code the website over and over again just for adding, removing or editing tags. All the tags can be added, removed or edited from within the GTM tool quite easily, with just few button clicks. Thus your web developers get more time to focus on other important tasks.

Through GTM you can test and deploy tags faster

A common problem for most online businesses is making website changes quickly and reliably. If you want to deploy a new tag on your website you are dependant on your web developers. Depending upon how busy your web developer is, tagging your website may take days or even weeks.

With the Google Tag Manager installed on your website, tags can be deployed on your website in a matter of minutes. No heavy coding, no involvement of web developers, just simple deployment via GTM. What that means, you can move quickly. For example, If you want to launch a survey on your website for say two days then just add and publish the tag for the survey via GTM and it’s live on your website immediately. When the survey is over, disable the tag from within GTM. Quick and simple. No need to book time from your web developer and then wait until he gets the time to add the tag on your website.

GTM makes advanced analytics tracking possible in Google Analytics

The biggest advantage of using a tag management solution like GTM is that it makes advanced analytics tracking possible for your website. GTM provides many in-built tags and functions through which you can implement advanced tracking in a short amount of time. The same task may take several days or weeks without GTM.

For example, say you want to track clicks on all external links on your website, so that you can determine how much traffic the website is sending out to other websites (advertisers, affiliates etc.). If you are using Google Tag manager, you can complete this task in a matter of minutes. Without using GTM, you will have to add event tracking code to each and every external link, which is very time consuming and prone to errors. Thus GTM not only makes tagging more efficient and fast but also help you in scaling your analytics.

GTM provides more control over analytics and marketing tags

When you use GTM, you get more control over:

  • When the tag should fire.
  • When the tag should not fire.
  • Where the tag should fire.
  • Where the tag should not fire
  • What the tag should do when it gets fired (executed).

You can not get such type of control without using GTM. Such control makes advanced analytics tracking possible in Google Analytics.

List of Google Tag Manager services I provide

There are ‘N’ things that can be installed or implemented via Google Tag Manager. So there is practically no limit to the type and volume of tracking solutions that can be deployed on your website. However I can provide you with a sample of most common Google Tag Manager tracking solutions. It includes setting up/fixing:

1. Google Tag Manager Account
2. Data Layers
3. Goal conversion tracking
4. Ecommerce tracking
5. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking

6. Cross domain tracking
7. Event tracking
8. Campaign tracking
9. Phone Call tracking
10. YouTube Video Tracking

11. Scroll Tracking
12. Custom metrics
13. Custom dimensions
14. Debugging/troubleshooting Google Tag Manager issues

How I install tracking on your website via Google Tag Manager?

I audit your website and Google Analytics account and then send you a proposal. This proposal includes the list of project deliverables and project cost and time estimates. Once the proposal is approved by you and I get paid, I start the work.

What do I need in advance, in order to send you a free proposal?

I would need access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts in order to send you a proposal. I need this access so that I can look around and see what is missing and what needs to be fixed. Then I create a proposal for you which meet your specific requirements.

As mentioned earlier, there are ‘N’ things that can tracked via Google Tag Manager. And every tracking set up has certain cost associated with it. So in order to determine the nature and scope of work, it is important to understand your specific tracking requirements.

How much Google Tag Manager Consultation will cost?

There is no fixed price. My fees depend upon the nature and scope of the work. Some websites require more work than others. Therefore it is important for me to understand your requirements before doing any cost and time estimates. However the starting fees for Google Tag Manager Consultation service is US $980 per website.


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