Google Tag Manager Consulting


List of Google Tag Manager services I provide

There are ‘N’ things that can be installed or implemented via Google Tag Manager.

So there is practically no limit to the type and volume of tracking solutions that can be deployed on your website.

However I can provide you with a sample of most common Google Tag Manager tracking solutions.

It includes setting up/fixing:

1. Google Tag Manager Account
2. Data Layers
3. Goal conversion tracking
4. Ecommerce tracking
5. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking

6. Cross domain tracking
7. Event tracking
8. Campaign tracking
9. Phone Call tracking
10. YouTube Video Tracking

11. Scroll Tracking
12. Custom metrics
13. Custom dimensions
14. Debugging/troubleshooting Google Tag Manager issues

How I install tracking on your website via Google Tag Manager?

I audit your website and Google Analytics account and then send you a proposal.

This proposal includes the list of project deliverables and project cost and time estimates.

Once the proposal is approved by you and I get paid, I start the work.

What do I need in advance, in order to send you a free proposal?

I would need access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts in order to send you a proposal.

I need this access, so that I can look around and see what is missing and what needs to be fixed.

Then I create a proposal for you which meet your specific requirements.

As mentioned earlier, there are ‘N’ things that can tracked via Google Tag Manager.

And every tracking set up has certain cost associated with it.

So in order to determine the nature and scope of work, it is important to understand your specific tracking requirements.

How much Google Tag Manager Consultation will cost?

There is no fixed price.

My fees depend upon the nature and scope of the work.

Some websites require more work than others.

Therefore it is important for me to understand your requirements before doing any cost and time estimates.



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