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#10 GAIQ TEST #22 Top Articles on OptimizeSmart
#11 Getting Started with Google Analytics #23 WEB ANALYTICS TOOLS
#12 Getting Started with Google Tag Manager  #24 Web Analytics Training Course

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#1 Difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics

Learn the key difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics. Learn quick tips to get started with Universal Analytics. Learn about creating custom dimensions and custom metrics.

#2 Google Analytics Setup checklist

This checklist / interactive tool will help you greatly in configuring your Universal Analytics account pretty fast.

#3 Google Analytics Shortcuts: Tricks, Tools & APIs

Some quick tips and shortcuts to use Universal Analytics more efficiently.

#4 Universal Analytics Upgrade Guide

Learn to upgrade to Universal Analytics using this simple 6 step process and make your migration easy and successful.

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#5 Advanced Google Analytics Tracking – Introduction to DOM

In this article you will learn about Document Object Model (DOM) and how tracking is actually implemented on a website.

#6 Beginners guide to JavaScript for Google Analytics

Learn the JavaScript behind Google Analytics

#7 Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Regex (Regular Expressions) Guide

Learn to use Regular Expression (or REGEX) for technical SEO, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

#8 Web Analytics Career Advice – How to become a Web Analyst

What sort of skills and qualifications are required to become a good digital analyst? What makes a good analyst a great analyst? Learn all of this and more from industry top experts.

#9 2018 Google Analytics IQ Exam Preparation + GAIQ Sample Questions

Learn the expert tips to pass the 2016 GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) Test to become Google Analytics Certified Individual. Get GAIQ Sample Questions.

#10 Microsoft Excel for Web Analytics and Big Data

Learn the most important Excel tricks and tips to effectively manage and speed up your Analytics.

#11 Google Analytics Mistakes that kill your Analysis & Conversions

Learn about the Common Google Universal Analytics Mistakes that kill your Analysis, Reporting and Conversions. Learn about: Directional Issues, Data Collection Issues , Data Integration issues, Data Interpretation Issues and Data Reporting Issues.

#12 Google Analytics Measurement Protocol & Hit Builder

Learn to send data to Universal Analytics using the measurement protocol in plain English. Learn to send event tracking data and ecommerce data to Universal Analytics.

#13 How to use Google Analytics API without any coding

Learn to use Google Analytics API without any coding and access un-sampled data in any format you want and/or merge Google Analytics data with other data sources.

#14 Beginners guide to GDPR for marketers and web analysts

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is Europe’s new privacy law. This new law will come into force on May 25, 2018. If you are processing personal data of ‘EU citizens’ then you have to comply with GDPR regardless of where you live on this planet.

#15 Checklist to become GDPR Compliant with Google Analytics

The Checklist to become GDPR Compliant with Google Analytics.

{{ Getting Started with Google Tag Manager }}

#1 Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never before

Learn all about Google Tag Manager Data Layers. Create simple and complex data layers in minutes.GTM works best when used with data layers.

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#2 Google Tag Manager Implementation Guide

Learn all about migrating tags to Google Tag Manager through this easy to understand implementation guide.

#3 Beginners guide to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager V2 or GTM V2 is the second and better version of Google Tag Manager. Learn to use it through this step by step guide.

#4 Understanding Triggers and Variables in Google Tag Manager

This Guide help you in understanding the usage of triggers and variables in Google Tag Manager Version 2 (or V2).

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#1 How to select best Excel Charts for Data Analysis & Reporting

#2 11 powerful methods to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics

#3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Complete Guide

#4 Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never before

#5 Geek guide to removing referrer spam in Google Analytics

#6 Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager V2 – Complete Guide

#7 Event Tracking & Virtual pageviews in Google Analytics – Complete Guide

#8 2016 Google Analytics IQ Exam Preparation + GAIQ Sample Questions

#9 Implementing E-Commerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager

#10 Google Analytics Attribution Modeling – Beginners Guide

#11 Understanding Users in Google Analytics

#12 E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics – Complete Guide

#13 Beginners guide to Google Tag Manager

#14 Complete Guide to Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics

#15 Google & Universal Analytics Cookies – Complete Guide

#16 Google Analytics Social Tracking – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin

#17 Guide to Cross device tracking with User Id in Google Analytics

#18 Implementing Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics – Nerd Guide

#19 Google Analytics Goals and Sales funnels – Complete Guide

#20 Understanding Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics

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