How long do I have to complete the course?

You get lifetime access to this course. So you can take as long as required.

How much of my time will this course take up?

To complete this course within 8 weeks, aim to complete at least 3 lessons every week.

However, please bear in mind that some lessons may require more of your time than others.

Why can’t I move onto the other lessons?

You must complete a lesson and take the assessment(s) for that lesson, before moving on to subsequent lesson(s). For example, to move onto lesson-2, you first must complete lesson-1 and take the assessment for lesson-1.

You need to pass the assessment(s) for lesson-1 before you can move on to subsequent lesson(s). Otherwise, you won’t be able to take subsequent lesson(s) and/or their assessment(s).

If they is more than one assessment for a lesson then you would need to pass all of the assessments for that lesson before you are qualified to move to subsequent lessons.

This has been done to ensure that you have successfully absorbed the study material before you are in a position to take advanced lessons.

What is the passing mark for the assessments?

The passing percentage is 60% for each assessment of a lesson. If you do not pass an assessment, you need to take it again until your passing percentage is 60% or more. For some lessons, the passing percentage is 80%.

Where can I find more assessment help?

You can find more help on assessments on our assessments help page.

How do I update my details?

Use the update your details form at the bottom of the account settings home page.

The form is for editing your profile information and/or changing your account username (your username is your email address).

You can change your password using the link below the form.

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