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60+ Content Ideas and Development Tools you must be using

Following is a list of tools i have curated over years. Through these tools you can get tons of content ideas. You can create every possible type of content from graphics, illustrations, slide show to applications and videos. Note: For

Link building outreach – Follow these 7 golden rules before you Ask

  Acquiring links is not easy and it becomes even harder when you don’t know the person you are asking from.  In link building majority of time we ask strangers to help us. And I think this is the main

4 Divine Rules for link building outreach

  My heading may sound a bit of overstatement but once you will go through this post, you will understand that why these rules are so important if you wish to achieve high success rate in your link building outreach

Beginners Guide to Coding for SEO & Web Analytics

  We all have made promises to learn to code. Some of you may have kept those promises while others haven’t. If you have already started learning to code then Cheers. I have tips for you which will make you

Understanding WordPress Website Architecture

  WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Therefore it is imperative that you understand how this CMS works, how it can be customized and how it can be debugged. Such knowledge can help you greatly in optimizing

Ultimate Data Visualization Guide for Analysis of SEO Campaigns

  In an ideal world of analytics there will be no tables and mountain of text, just charts and graphs through which you can visualize patterns and trends in data and take decisions which are beneficial both for your company

Title Tags Best Practices

Let me tell you one little secret. Google can and is making changes to your title tag to make it relevant to the search query. Not always but can quite often. For e.g. Search Query – seo tools seomoz Page

Your SEO strategy is incomplete without PPC

  Google has begun working to encrypt all searches, even for those users who are not logged into Google. Which means little to no keyword data for you unless off course you use PPC. You can get away without coding. But

How To Do Keyword Research for SEO on a large scale

  Enterprise SEO is different from a regular seo in a way that every step you follow in your seo process is scalable and is largely automated to reduce the turnaround time (time required to do seo and produce results)

Keyword Research for e-commerce websites – Tutorial

  What people are searching for to find your product? If you have a solid answer to this question, then you are on your way to get a very high conversion rate (provided you have the right landing pages).  

Image Optimization Tips that will help you tons

Make all of your images load faster 1. Since site speed is now a ranking factor, it is also going to help you in your overall site ranking. Select the right image file format. Don’t use GIF file format unless

How to Create RSS Feeds

What is RSS? You may have been hearing about RSS for ages. But can you define it. RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. It is a XML based data format which is used to syndicate (i.e. contribute) the contents of

htaccess tips and tricks

1. How to apply 301 from one file to another file Step 1: Add following code in your .htaccess file: Options +FollowSymLinksRewriteEngine onRedirect 301  /file1.html The above code will permanently redirect file1.html to file2.html. So whenever a search engine

How Search Engines Work?

  It is assumed that search engines start their crawl from seed sites. These are those websites which are manually identified to be most authoritative and trusted like,, etc.  Search engines follow the links on these sites

How to Optimize for Local Search

  This blog post is an attempt to rank high both in Google Local Business Listing (LBL) and regular web results. For LBL listing first register your website with Google Local business listing, Yahoo local Business Listing and Bing local