Attribution Modelling Course

Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond

Attribution Modelling
in Google Analytics and Beyond

The latest web analytics book by Himanshu Sharma,
author, certified web analyst and founder of Optimize Smart

Attribution modelling is the process of understanding and assigning credit to the marketing channels which eventually lead to conversions. The objective of attribution modelling is to understand the buying behaviour of your website visitors and to determine the most effective marketing channels for investment.

This book has been written to help you, in implementing attribution modelling. It will teach you, how to leverage the knowledge of attribution modelling, in allocating marketing budget and understanding buying behaviour.

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About the Author

Himanshu Sharma

  • Founder,
  • Over 15 years of experience in digital analytics and marketing
  • Author of four best-selling books on digital analytics and conversion optimization
  • Nominated for Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence
  • Runs one of the most popular blogs in the world on digital analytics
  • Consultant to countless small and big businesses over the decade
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