How to Add Users Metrics to Standard Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics quietly released a new feature few months ago through which you can:

#1 Add users metrics (‘Users’, ‘New Users’, Number of Sessions per user’ etc) to standard Google Analytics Reports and thus make GA reporting more user centric than session centric.

#2 Update the GA calculations used for counting users and active users with higher accuracy and lower error rate (less than 2% according to Google).

When you enable this feature, the users metrics is added to various GA reports.

For example, following is Audience Overview report in GA:

when users metrics in reporting is not enabled:

when users metrics in reporting is enabled:

Another example.

Following is Channels report in GA:

when users metrics in reporting is not enabled:

when users metrics in reporting is enabled:

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To enable users metric in standard GA reports follow the steps below:

Step-1: Make sure that you have got ‘Edit’ permission at the Property level so that you can change GA property settings.

Step-2: Login to your GA account and then navigate to your main view.

Step-3: Find the ‘Admin’ button located on the bottom left and then click on it:

Step-4: Click on the ‘Property Settings’ link under the ‘Property’ column:

Step-5: Scroll down the page and then set the toggle switch for ‘Enable Users Metric in Reporting’ on:

Step-6: Click on the ‘Save’ button.

You should be able to see the new users metrics in Standard GA reports immediately.

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