SEO Consulting

The SEO consultation includes:

  1. Full technical website audit
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Link Bait Development
  5. Link building
  6. SEO Analysis
  7. SEO Training



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Full technical website audit

This audit includes review of various issues related to your website’s ranking and sales potential. It also includes detailed recommendations regarding fixing these issues. This task will help you in driving more traffic to the website and also help you in improving the website’s sales potential.


Competitive Analysis

Through this task you can determine where your web-based business stands in the competitive landscape. You can determine the kind of resources (contents, subject matter expertise, links, manpower etc) that will be required to compete in your niche. This task can help in finding new link building opportunities, keywords and target audience.


Keyword Research

This task is carried out to determine search terms (or keywords) which have the potential to bring highest volume of targeted traffic (traffic which has the intention to buy your products) to your website.


Link Bait Development

This task is carried out to develop contents (i.e. blog posts, articles, infographics, custom plug-ins, custom themes, podcast etc) on your website which has the potential to:

  • Attract links from other websites in your niche
  • Bring additional traffic to your website
  • Establish Authority of your website in your niche
  • Improve the conversion rate of your website


Link building

Links are like recommendations from other websites. When a website link out to your website, you get a recommendation from that website. If the website which links out to you is based on the same/similar topic as your website then its recommendation is considered to be strong by search engines like Google.

If the website which is recommending your site is an authority in your niche then its recommendation is considered to be strongest by Google. When you get large number of such recommendations from other websites in your niche, your site can rank high for number of targeted keywords and you can expect to gain large volume of highly targeted traffic to your website. I can help you in getting such recommendations (or links) by adding value to your website via recommendation (or link) worthy contents.


SEO Analysis

This task is carried out to continuously monitor and streamline the effectiveness of your seo campaign.


SEO Training

I provide SEO training via emails/skype. This training can help you in understanding your web-based business performance.


If you think I can be a good fit then please get in touch.