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The PPC management service includes:

  1. PPC Account Set up (if required)
  2. PPC Account Audit
  3. Full technical website audit
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Keyword research
  6. Landing page optimization
  7. PPC Analysis.
  8. Ongoing Support.


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PPC Account Setup

Before you can start bidding on keywords or run PPC ads on Google, Bing and other search engines you need to set up your PPC account and billing. Once you have done this then you need to create campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords in such a way that generates highest possible return on your investment.

It is very easy to loose large sum of money in short period of time if you are not sure how a PPC account should be structure and managed. Therefore you need the help of an expert to set up PPC account for you.


PPC Account Audit

If you have already set up PPC account but are not getting the highest return on your investment then you need the help of an expert who can audit your PPC account and find and fix money leakages.


PPC Account Management

You need to manage your account to ensure that you are not overspending, that your keywords are still relevant and up to date, and that your ads haven’t got disapproved when you didn’t expect them to. Therefore account management is very important to your advertising success.


Full technical website audit

This audit includes review of various issues related to your website’s ranking and sales potential. It also includes detailed recommendations regarding fixing these issues. This task will help you in improving the website’s sales potential which will eventually help in improving sales and conversions through PPC campaigns.


Competitive Analysis

Through this task you can determine where your web-based business stands in the competitive landscape. What kind of resources (contents, subject matter expertise etc) will be required to compete in your niche. This task can help in finding new keyword opportunities and target audience.


Keyword Research

This task is carried out to determine search terms (or keywords) which have the potential to bring highest volume of targeted traffic (traffic which has the intention to buy your products) to your website.


Landing Page Optimization

This task is carried out to improve the sales potential of the landing page of your PPC ads. So when someone lands on a web page on your website via a PPC ad he/she is most likely to make a purchase on the website.


PPC Analysis

This task is carried out to continuously monitor and streamline the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.


Ongoing Support

I provide ongoing PPC support via emails/skype and am always ready to answer any question related to PPC accounts and campaigns.


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