Implementing rollup reporting in Google Universal Analytics

  If your company run several websites, sub-domains and/or mobile apps to promote various brands/regional business units and you want to understand the overall performance of your company and also compare the performance of individual brands/ business units to each

Fixing Google Analytics Tracking Notifications

  This is 4th article in the Google Analytics debugging series.  The first article was  Beginners guide to Google Analytics Debugging where I explained in great detail about various Google Analytics Debugging tools,  ga_debug.js, analytics_debug.js and _utm.gif (the tracking beacon). The second article was Troubleshooting Google

Google Analytics Debugging via Fiddler

  This article is the third in the Google Analytics debugging series.  The first article was  Beginners guide to Google Analytics Debugging where I explained in great detail about: The various Google Analytics Debugging tools I use. The concept of debugging with ga_debug.js and

Troubleshooting Google Analytics Setup Issues – Part 2

  This article is in conjunction with the post: Beginners guide to Google Analytics Debugging. If you have not already read this post, then I would strongly suggest you to read it first because it creates the foundation for debugging Google

Beginners guide to Google Analytics Debugging

  Debugging Google Analytics tracking code is quite difficult and sometimes a nightmare, esp. if you don’t know what to look at and what to fix. It could take anywhere from few minutes to several days to troubleshoot a GA

6 data drill downs for improving Ecommerce Products Sales

  Get to know the 6 data drill downs which can help you immensely in optimizing your marketing campaigns and eventually sales. Majority of us optimize marketing campaigns for e-commerce websites. Therefore it is very important that whatever we do

Advanced Conversion Funnel Analysis via PadiTrack

  Getting traffic to your website is one thing but getting it to convert is a totally different ball game. You may be getting millions of visitors to your website each month but if they are adding little to no

10 Google Analytics Views that you must always use

  Different people analyse and interpret the same data differently. It all depends upon the context in which they analyse and interpret the data. Context is very important in digital analytics. You change the context, you change the direction of

Implementing Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics – Nerd Guide

  This article is second in the Enhanced Ecommerce Series. The first article was: Understanding Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics where I introduced the concept of enhanced ecommerce, explained it benefits and used various learning models to explain how

Most important Advanced Segment for Conversion Optimization

  Today I am going to share with you the granddaddy of all advanced segments, which completely changed the way I analyse data in Google Analytics for good. But before I share this advanced segment with you, allow me to

Understanding Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics

  Enhanced ecommerce tracking is a complete revamp of the traditional ecommerce tracking. Since enhanced ecommerce is such a ginormous concept, I decided to write a whole series on enhanced ecommerce tracking instead of writing just one e-book. If I

YouTube video tracking via Google Tag Manager

  There are two methods of embedding a YouTube player on your website: one that involves embedding a flash object and the other one that involves embedding an iframe. If you are embedding a YouTube video via a flash object

Implementing Scroll Tracking via Google Tag Manager

  Scroll tracking is one of the methods of measuring how people are consuming your website contents. People who actually read your article are most likely to scroll your article page (unless you can get away with Seth godin type

Implementing E-Commerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager

  Implementing ecommerce tracking in Google Universal Analytics is quite difficult and Google tag manager doesn’t make this task any easier. But if you are using GTM for all of your tracking needs then it doesn’t make much sense to

How to do ROI Analysis in Google Universal Analytics

  Index Requirements for ROI Analysis in Universal Analytics Introduction to Cost data Introduction to Data Set Introduction to Data Set Schema Importing cost data in Universal Analytics via Data Sets Tag all of your marketing campaigns Collect cost data.

Google Tag Manager Implementation Guide

  To implement Google Tag Manager (GTM) there are two things that you need to do: 1. Understand the concept of data layers (which I explained in great detail in the post: Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never

Adjusting Bounce Rate via Google Tag Manager

  I have talked about Adjusting bounce rate in Google and Universal Analytics before, where I also explained in great detail why you need to adjust bounce rate and what are the benefits of such adjustment. So I won’t repeat

Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never before

  This is my first official post on ‘Google Tag Manager’ on this blog. I never really touched this topic and I don’t really have any good excuse. All I can say is that I was busy writing about other

Bare Minimum Statistics for Web Analytics

  The role of statistics in the world of web analytics is not clear to many marketers. Not many talk or write about the usage of statistics and data science in web analytics. Unfortunately by and large, analytics industry is

Geek guide to Direct Traffic Analysis

  Direct traffic is increasing day by day and if you don’t do anything about it now, then one day all you will see in your analytics reports will be direct traffic: little to no referral data, just direct traffic