7 Powerful methods to Improve your Business Bottomline

Many marketers believe in improving the business bottomline by focusing on the topline growth. By topline growth I mean, increasing the website traffic, increasing sales, brand mentions etc. But this is sub-optimal way of improving the business bottomline. This is

Understanding Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol

  Here is what you will learn through this post: Learn (in plain English) to send data to Universal Analytics using the measurement protocol. Learn to send event tracking data and e-commerce data to Universal Analytics.   If you are new

Advanced Attribution Modelling in Google Universal Analytics

  Attribution modelling is an advanced topic in itself but this post has been developed to take this topic to a whole new level and to talk about things which are rarely discussed in great detail in the analytics world.

How to use Agile Analytics to quickly solve your Conversion problems

  ‘Agile’ is the ability to move quickly and easily. In analytics, agility is ability of an analyst/analysis to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the marketing environment. The aim here is to conduct a very

The Geek Guide to implementing Attribution Modelling

  Learn to “implement” attribution modelling in your organizational setup. Lot has been written about attribution modelling over the years. But talking about attribution is the easy bit. Implementing it is the real challenge. If I can give another title

6 Keys to Digital Success in Attribution Modelling

  Today I am going to share with you the ‘6 keys to success’ in attribution modelling. Learn my tricks and tips and your success in attribution is guaranteed Understand Customers Purchase Journey Understand the concept of ‘Missing Touch Points’

How to use ZMOT to increase Conversions and Sales exponentially

  Zero moment of truth or ZMOT is the term coined by Google’s Jim Lecinski in 2011. ZMOT is the most powerful moment in a customer journey to purchase. This is because ZMOT shapes the consumer’s purchase decision. And if

Google Universal Analytics Conversion & Sales Funnels – Complete Guide

  In order to make your business a success, you should be spending more time and resources in converting existing traffic than acquiring new traffic. When you work with the mindset of increasing sales by just sending more traffic to

Google Analytics Tutorial – Understanding Traffic Acquisition

  Google Analytics is a powerful tool. But just like any other tool, it is only as good as the person using it. While some people are able to gain great insight through its creative usage, others are not able

6 Simple steps to Create and Analyze a Marketing Strategy

  I use 5W1H to create and analyze a marketing strategy, social media strategy, link building strategy or just any strategy. The 5W1H is made up of 5 ‘W’ letters and 1 ‘H’ letter of the English language. The 5

Measuring & Improving Quality of SEO Traffic through Google Analytics

  You may say ‘quality’ is subjective and hence can’t be measured. Well not really. In the next few minutes I will show you a way to effectively measure the quality of your SEO traffic in Google Analytics.  You in

Making Good Marketing Decisions despite of faulty Analytics data

  Google Analytics (GA) data is not very accurate and sometimes could lead to dangerous conclusions if you are not very careful. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Google Analytics. In fact I am also a two

Optimizing Contents for Sales and Conversions through Profit Index

  One of the most important and yet not so obvious difference between a low converting website and a high converting website is the volume of profitable contents on the site.   Profitable Content A profitable content is a piece

Advanced Twitter Analysis in Google Analytics

  Imagine you can tie every twitter click, tweet and follower to sales and conversions. Well this is what I am going to do in this post. In the next few minutes I will show you, how to determine the

9 point Checklist for conducting Social Media Strategy Audit

  Today I am going to share with you the checklist I frequently used to conduct social media strategy audit. The aim of this audit is to determine how a business should be using social media to get highest possible