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Social Media Engagement Metrics – 6 things you can learn

  One of my favorite analytics tool PostRank Analytics  has retired.  I used this tool almost as long as it was available to publishers. PostRank was one of the best tools to identify and measure social engagement and top influencers.

Google Universal Analytics Shortcuts: Tricks, Tools & APIs

  I am going to give you some quick tips and shortcuts to use Universal Analytics more efficiently.  Index (What you will learn in this post) Accessing Universal Analytics Reports with Lightning Speed Built-in Keyboard Shortcuts in Universal Analytics Navigating in Universal

Excel for SEO & Analytics – Powerful Cheat Sheet

Learn the most important Excel tricks and tips to effectively manage and speed up your SEO and Analytics campaigns.  These are the tricks which every internet marketer should know.  No one has time to spend ages mining for Excel answers

Automating and Scaling Keyword Research through SEMRush

  Today i would like to introduce you to a keyword tool which is truly a gem for any SEO and keyword junkie. Meet SEMRush. The kind of tasks it can perform in keyword research and competitive analysis is truly

Learn to Automate Event Tracking in Google Analytics

  Do you like automation? I do. It speeds up my work. In the next few minutes I will teach you how to automatically track File Downloads, Email clicks and External links across a website of any size with very little

Data Scraping Guide for SEO & Analytics

  Web scraping or web data scraping is a technique used to extract data from web documents like HTML and XML files. Data scraping can help you a lot in competitive analysis as well as pulling out data from your

Google Universal Analytics Setup checklist

  This checklist / interactive tool will help you greatly in configuring your Universal Analytics account pretty fast. {check the task when you have completed it} Website Audit 1. Visit the client website 2. Do a five second test  3. Browse the website thoroughly

Google Analytics Rank Tracker

  Last week Mike Pantoliano (mikecp) of distilled wrote a post How to Turn Google Analytics Into Your Own Rank Tracker Using Custom Variables on the seomoz blog. This post is certainly not for the average Joe in analytics. Besides

Regular Expressions Guide for SEO & Analytics

  I am going to explain the building blocks of Regular Expression (or REGEX), so that you can understand them and use them in technical SEO and in Google Analytics. Advantages of using REGEX in SEO: 1. You can convert