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Advanced Google & Universal Analytics Tracking – Beginners Guide

  Have you ever wondered how tracking is actually implemented on a website? How you can actually track downloads, form field abandonment, videos and almost anything in Google/Universal Analytics? Sure many bloggers can tell you that by providing a bunch

Universal Analytics Upgrade Guide

  I get lot of emails from webmasters who migrate to Universal Analytics on Google’s recommendation without understanding the implications of such migration and without evaluating the pros and cons of such a switch. Then they get stuck with tracking

Understanding Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol

  Here is what you will learn through this post: Learn (in plain English) to send data to Universal Analytics using the measurement protocol. Learn to send event tracking data and e-commerce data to Universal Analytics.   If you are new

Universal Analytics Conversion & Sales Funnels – Complete Guide

  In order to make your business a success, you should be spending more time and resources in converting existing traffic than acquiring new traffic. When you work with the mindset of increasing sales by just sending more traffic to

Beginners Guide to Universal Analytics – Creating Custom Dimensions & Metrics

  Universal Analytics (UA) is going to change the way we look at the data for good. One year from now, our analytics reports will be unrecognizable. I have been using UA for a while now and would like to

Common Google Universal Analytics Mistakes that kill your Analysis & Conversions

  I have audited hundreds of web analytics accounts and profiles. And each account/view had at least one or two issues which seriously stood in my way of getting optimum results from my analysis. I have put all of these

Google Analytics & Universal Analytics Cookies – Complete Guide

  You need good great knowledge of cookies so that you can understand how Google Analytics collect data, how it define visits, visitors and other metrics and how the cookie knowledge can be used for cross domain tracking and other specialized