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Geek guide to Direct Traffic Analysis

  Direct traffic is increasing day by day and if you don’t do anything about it now, then one day all you will see in your analytics reports will be direct traffic: little to no referral data, just direct traffic

Advanced Google & Universal Analytics Tracking – Beginners Guide

  Have you ever wondered how tracking is actually implemented on a website? How you can actually track downloads, form field abandonment, videos and almost anything in Google/Universal Analytics? Sure many bloggers can tell you that by providing a bunch

Malware Removal Checklist for WordPress – DIY Security Guide

  You may not have expected me to write this post. Nor did I ever think of writing such a post. But i did. You can blame Godaddy for that. They made me learn every trick (almost) in the book about wordpress

E-Commerce Tracking in Google Universal Analytics – Complete Guide

  Index E-commerce Tracking Basics E-commerce Overview report The 11 E-commerce metrics you must know about in great detail What is E-commerce Conversion Rate and how it is calculated? What is a Transaction? What is Revenue & how it is

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking – Complete Guide

  This post is second in the series of frequently asked questions about various issues in Google Analytics.  Instead of replying to the individual emails I thought of addressing all the issues in one go and at the same time

Google Analytics & Universal Analytics Cookies – Complete Guide

  You need good great knowledge of cookies so that you can understand how Google Analytics collect data, how it define visits, visitors and other metrics and how the cookie knowledge can be used for cross domain tracking and other specialized

Google Analytics Social Tracking – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin

  In this post you will learn to track Google +1, Facebook Like, Facebook Send, Facebook Unlike, Twitter tweets, Twitter Follows and LinkedIn shares in Google Analytics. But before we move forward, you need to understand the difference between event tracking

Tracking Long tail keywords through Google Universal Analytics

  Many SEOs agree that there is power in the long tail. There are also several solid stats to back up this claim. Recently I was asked the following question on Linkedin and I think the same question bothers you too:

Event Tracking Google Universal Analytics – Complete Guide

  This post is a guide on ‘event tracking’ feature in Google Universal Analytics and it explains ‘Event Tracking and Virtual PageViews from A to Z in an easy to understand language. The Basics What is an Event? Example of