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Link building outreach – Follow these 7 golden rules before you Ask

  Acquiring links is not easy and it becomes even harder when you don’t know the person you are asking from.  In link building majority of time we ask strangers to help us. And I think this is the main

4 Divine Rules for link building outreach

  My heading may sound a bit of overstatement but once you will go through this post, you will understand that why these rules are so important if you wish to achieve high success rate in your link building outreach

Link Building Tool Box – Productivity on Steroids

Only after compiling this mega list, i realized how many tools i use on daily/weekly basis just for link building.  I have mainly listed those tools which i use often and which are free to use. I keep adding/removing tools

12 Link Building Tips for 2013

‘Time‘ is such an important factor in the Link building process, yet many SEOs fail to take it into account while talking about link building tactics. Build relationships with linking partners, develop kick ass contents, become a thought leader in your

How to create your own Backlink Auditing Tool

  If you analyse the performance of SEO Campaigns then this tool is going to help you a lot. It is a tool designed to automatically segment the back link profile of any website into following types of links: 1. Articles

Link Building through Blog Themes Sponsorship – Complete Guide

  Sponsoring a wordpress/ blogger theme (template) if done right can become a powerful link building tool, a tool which can automatically keep building links for you for the foreseeable future. Such type of one time investment can fetch you

6 Cool Link Building Tips for E-Commerce Site

Getting links for an e-commerce site is a seo nightmare. Nobody would like to link to a page that sells products. But what if your product page is much more than a simple product page. Following are some practical tips

10 Powerful Tips to Leverage Content Theft

  Content theft has been a real pain in the butt for webmasters/bloggers for as long as the web has existed. There is no full proof way to stop content theft and it can even become detrimental for the original

10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign

Here i present to you the most exhaustive list of beginners and advanced search engine queries which can help you greatly in finding potential linking partners. This post is one of the tool of the famous Link Building Tool Box.

How to develop relationship with potential linking partners

  This post in in conjunction with my post Link Building Pyramid – Hierarchy of Link Building Needsand the other post on seochat: How to find Authority Sites and get links from them. I strongly suggest you to read them

Value of a back link – deep analysis

  Before you decide to get a link from a site, evaluate the value of the linking page and the linking site. I have found 10 factors which can help. If you know of any other factors, then please share

Link Building Pyramid – Hierarchy of Link Building Needs

“Link Worthy Contents is the last thing you need to get links “ As a seo we all know how hard it is to get quality links for our sites. Link acquisition becomes even more difficult when we don’t follow

Link Building through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best way to get relevant back links with the desired anchor text.  It also helps in getting traffic, subscribers and building authority in your industry. The first step in guest blogging is to find