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Understanding Sessions in Google Analytics

  In this article you will learn: #1 How Google Analytics define a session #2 Difference between a web session and Google Analytics session. #3 When a Google Analytics session expires #4 How a Google Analytics session can last longer

Understanding Users in Google Analytics

  For Google Analytics, a user is a combination of unique random number and the first time stamp. This combination is called ‘Client ID‘. Thus Client ID is made up of a unique random number and the first time stamp.

100+ Google Analytics Remarketing audiences for Retargeting

  In this article I will show more than 100 different ways to remarket to your target audience. You will learn about more than 100 different customers personas and how they can be used to get optimum results from your

Guide to Dynamic remarketing in Google analytics & Adwords

  Remarketing is a technique which is used to re-target people who left your website without completing a goal conversion (like making a purchase). The people who are re-targeted are known as remarketing audience. This audience is shown one or

Conversion Funnel Optimization through Paditrack

  To segment and test funnels I have been using a special tool called PadiTrack for the last few years.  Sorry for writing about it so late. This tool pulls the data directly from your Google Analytics account and is

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling – Beginners Guide

  Attribution modeling is one of my favorite topics in web analytics because it is so complicated and challenging.  It forces you to use both your left and right brain simultaneously.  It is something which requires deep understanding of your