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Phone Call Tracking and ROI calculations – Champion’s Guide

  I love phone call tracking simply because it gives me a break from the regular tracking I do through Google Analytics and other similar tools. If you have been in the field of digital marketing as long as me (almost

How to select best Excel Charts for Data Analysis & Reporting

  Do you always struggle with the type of Excel charts to use in your analytics reports? The type of excel chart you select for your analysis and reporting depends upon what you are going to analyse and report. We create charts

Common Google Universal Analytics Mistakes that kill your Analysis & Conversions

  I have audited hundreds of web analytics accounts and profiles. And each account/view had at least one or two issues which seriously stood in my way of getting optimum results from my analysis. I have put all of these

High Level Search Marketing Optimization in Google Analytics

Get to know the 5 data drill downs which can help you immensely in optimizing your marketing campaigns, products and eventually sales. Majority of us optimize search marketing campaigns for e-commerce websites. Therefore it is very important that whatever we

8 Simple Data Reporting tips to become Analysis Ninja

  Analysis ninja is the one who can get his/her recommendations implemented in a timely manner.  You may argue with my definition. But as odd as it may sound, being an analysis ninja has nothing much to do with being

How to Analyze and Report above AVERAGE

Nobody wants to be an average and yet we all love averages. That is why our analytics reports are all jam packed with averages: In order to analyze and report above average we first need to stop being obsessed about

Complete Guide to Link Building Dashboards in Excel

  Link building is an important part of a SEO campaign and marketers need to continuously track the campaigns’ performance in order to optimize them. One way of measuring the link building performance is through keywords performance analysis in terms

Google Universal Analytics Data Sampling – Complete Guide

  Did you know, your Universal Analytics metrics from sessions, revenue, transactions to e-commerce conversion rate depend upon the size of the traffic-data sample being analysed by Google? This means if you change the size of the data sample being analysed, your

Google Universal Analytics Data Trend Analysis – Complete Guide

  Analysing data trends is an age old and powerful tactic which is used to measure the performance of marketing campaigns over time and to predict future outcomes.   We do trend analysis to get answers to questions like: 1. What

Adjusting Bounce Rate in Google & Universal Analytics

  Here is what you will learn through this article: Adjusting bounce rate in Google Analytics. Adjusting bounce rate in Universal Analytics. To learn about adjusting bounce rate in Google and Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager, check out this post: Adjusting

Measuring Keywords Performance in Google Analytics & Excel

  Keywords are an integral part of any search marketing campaign and marketers need to continuously track their performance in order to optimize the campaigns and the outcomes. I am going to present to you, two powerful and scalable ways

How to analyse and report the true value of your SEO Campaign

  For any organic search campaign you would be interested in knowing three aspects of the campaign: How the campaign has performed? How organic visitors have consumed your contents? How the organic campaign has helped other marketing campaigns (PPC, Email, Social, Affiliate etc)

Google Analytics Pivot Tables – The Super Duper Guide

  Pivot tables are hidden gems in Google Analytics reports. They are extremely powerful data summarization tools and are commonly used in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. Through pivot tables you can quickly summarize data in desired format and detect

Google Analytics Conversion Rate – Reporting and Analysis

  How many of us take action on the basis of conversion rate reported by Google Analytics? If we don’t take any anction then there is no need to look into the Google Analytics reports and waste time. Seriously. Analytics is

Top 10 KPIs for SEO

  Have you ever wondered which are the most important internal KPIs you should be tracking for SEO and any other online marketing campaign? The internal KPIs are internally used by team members to measure and optimize the marketing campaigns’ performance and