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Advanced Attribution Modelling in Google Universal Analytics

  Attribution modelling is an advanced topic in itself but this post has been developed to take this topic to a whole new level and to talk about things which are rarely discussed in great detail in the analytics world.

The Geek Guide to implementing Attribution Modelling

  Learn to “implement” attribution modelling in your organizational setup. Lot has been written about attribution modelling over the years. But talking about attribution is the easy bit. Implementing it is the real challenge. If I can give another title

6 Keys to Digital Success in Attribution Modelling

  Today I am going to share with you the ‘6 keys to success’ in attribution modelling. Learn my tricks and tips and your success in attribution is guaranteed Understand Customers Purchase Journey Understand the concept of ‘Missing Touch Points’

Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords Analysis – Ultimate Guide

  Google has been hiding keyword referral data from searches made by logged-in users since October of 2011. With every passing day, more and more searches are made by logged-in Google users. We therefore can no longer ignore the impact

Google Analytics Direct Traffic – Most kept Secret

  Today I am going to reveal one of the most kept secret in Google Analytics which will fundamentally change the way you look at revenue and conversions generated through direct traffic for good. What you probably don’t know is, how

How to analyse and report the true value of your SEO Campaign

  For any organic search campaign you would be interested in knowing three aspects of the campaign: How the campaign has performed? How organic visitors have consumed your contents? How the organic campaign has helped other marketing campaigns (PPC, Email, Social, Affiliate etc)

8 Google Universal Analytics Conversions Segments you Must use

  Of late on ‘LinkedIn’ I was asked this question “how I can measure the influence of PPC on organic search in Universal Analytics?” I think it is an excellent question and I am sure every marketer would like to know

Google Adwords Attribution – Complete Guide

  Attribution modelling is a very broad topic. This article talks only about understanding and using attribution modelling in relation to Google AdWords. To understand the basics of attribution modelling and how it works in general and in Google Analytics,

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling – Beginners Guide

  Attribution modeling is one of my favorite topics in web analytics because it is so complicated and challenging.  It forces you to use both your left and right brain simultaneously.  It is something which requires deep understanding of your

You are doing Google Analytics all wrong. Here is why

  I have dealt with hundreds of Google Analytics accounts in my career and have seen lot of issues from incorrect tracking code, selecting wrong KPIs to analyzing data without custom reports & advanced segments. All of these issues prompted

Selecting the Best Attribution Model for Inbound Marketing

  The following article is in conjunction with the post: Google Analytics Attribution Modeling – Complete Guide. Read that post if you have not already read it to understand the fundamentals of attribution modelling. I am going to highlight the issues