Advanced Twitter Analysis in Google Analytics


Imagine you can tie every twitter click, tweet and follower to sales and conversions.

Well this is what I am going to do in this post. In the next few minutes I will show you, how to determine the twitter followers which send maximum conversions and orders to your website.

I will tell you how to calculate the economic value of each and every twitter click and tweet of your shared contents.

Such insight can help you greatly in determining your most valuable twitter followers and tweets. These are the followers you must engage with because they send conversions and help in improving your business bottomline.

There are two tools to get this insight. One is a chrome plugin called ‘Campalyst’ and the other is a custom report which can tie twitter tweets, clicks and follows to sales and conversions.


Tying Twitter followers/users to Sales and Conversions

Campalyst Tweet Lookup Chrome Plugin replaces referrals with actual tweets in Google Analytics reports.

You can see these twitter referrals by going to ‘Referral Traffic’ report in Google Analytics and then clicking on the ‘’ (twitters’ own URL shortner):


Now the problem with these twitter referrals is that they are all useless. You can’t take any action on the basis of such insight.

Campalyst plugin replaces these meaningless twitter referrals with actual tweets:


So now you are basically getting improved ‘referral paths’ for twitter. Once you have these new ‘referral paths’, you can create a custom report which includes only twitter traffic and which ties the actual tweets with sales, conversions and other important metrics:


From the report above you can determine your most valuable twitter followers who send maximum traffic and conversions to your website. You can get details like twitter handle, day and time of the tweet etc.

You can also tie twitter followers to metrics like conversions and conversion rate. This report is for a non-ecommerce website, that’s why revenue and ecommerce conversion rate columns are all zero.

In case of e-commerce website, you can also determine revenue and metric like e-commerce conversion rate.

Click here to install this custom report in your Google Analytics account.

Note: You will see the actual tweets in this custom report only when you have already installed the Campalyst plugin. Also remember that the free version of this tool only shows referring tweets for the last 5 days. The paid version which cost $5/month does not have this limitation.


Measuring the impact of Twitter clicks, tweets, and follows on Sales and Conversions

Create a custom report with following specifications:

1. Primary Dimension: Social Source and Action

2. Metrics: visits, goal completions, revenue, goal conversion rate, e-commerce conversion rate, pageviews, avg. visit duration, bounce rate, pages/visit and unique social actions.

Once you have created your custom report, it will look like this:


From the report above you can see the performance of twitter clicks, tweets and twitter follows. You can also determine the impact of other social network actions like Google +1 on the business bottomline.

This report is for a non-ecommerce website, that’s why revenue and e-commerce conversion rate columns are all zero. But you can see these metrics if your website is e-commerce.

Note: You need to add extra bit of code to track social actions like twitter follows etc. Check this post for more details: Google Analytics Social Tracking – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin


There is one caveat here: Privacy Issues.

If you work in a company/country where user privacy is a big concern then you may need to update your privacy policy or get written consent from users or both before you tie twitter followers/users to sales and conversions.

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  • Jevgenijs Kazanins

    Hi, Himanshu!

    Many thanks for such an in-depth review! Happy to hear you like our product.

    We are thinking about introducing daily and weekly digests: the plugin would email a list of new tweets that generated traffic to your website. The goal is to go from passive analysis to proactive approach: if you see that someone tweeted about you, you can reply and thank a person.

    What do you think? Do you think it might be valuable?


    CEO and co-founder

    • seohimanshu

      Hi Jay! Thanks for the heads up. I like the idea of daily and weekly digests as long as there is an opt out option. There are lot of tools which track social mentions and which can be used to interact with people who talk about you. So i am not sure about this feature.

      I would like to see a similar tracking for facebook, Google+, Linkedin and other social channels where we can get enhanced referral path information.

  • Beatriz López

    Hi Himanshu, great post and great functionality. I am testing and writing the “Spanish version” in order to share it aswell. I’m in shock analyzing people behavior. Thank you very much, always useful your content. Best regards, Bea

    • seohimanshu

      glad you like it.

  • Aakash Gupta

    Hi Himanshu, Thanks for this detailed tutorial.. I’m new to google analytics and have tried applying same to track traffic from my twitter followers.. I have installed Customized twitter dashboard (via link in your article) and have installed Campalyst plugin as well.. But in the dashboard I can’t see the actual tweets.. (the same referral data is there with those meaningless URLs).. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

    Please suggest!

    PS: I have been trying to monitor less than 5 days old data with free plugin so I don’t think its the free version thing is a problem here.


  • Sukh Singh

    Great post Himanshu thanks, that plugin is cool, tempted to buy the pro version to see all interactions, seeing very interesting results especially for a couple of competitions I have running on campaigns, nice one!

    • seohimanshu

      Glad you like it.

  • Lav

    Hi Himanshu,

    Just now saw your article under this heading ‘Google Analytics Social Tracking – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin’. I am very clear with how can we track social interactions in google analytics now using ga.js.

    My question to you is now google has shifted from ga.js to analytics.js, so can you tell me how can i track the same things in analytics.js.



    • seohimanshu

      Hi Lav,

      Google has not shifted from ga.js to analytics.js. It has just provided one more way to collect and integrate data through analytics.js This comment box is too small to explain social tracking in universal analytics. Perhaps i will write a post about it.

  • Tristan Bacon

    Hi, the Campalyst extension isn’t on the Chrome web store anymore :/ Any alternatives?