4 Simple Tricks to Get Anything Done in SEO


All businesses small or big understand the language of £££ and profit more than anything else. So if you tell them how your strategy/suggestion is going to help them in generating revenue, they will listen. But if you tell them how your strategy will help them in their SEO, they may listen.  Getting things done is a very important part of SEO process. It doesn’t matter how much you know about SEO, if you can’t get it implemented on your clients’ site then your knowledge is of no commercial use.


Talk and Think like a Business Man

In my consulting business the one thing which has helped me more than anything else is that I call ‘spade a spade’. I don’t do sales talk or bombard my clients with tons of recommendations just because they are industry best practices.  No business has the time and resources to implement every best SEO/CRO tip you have ever read. So you need to be very selective with your recommendations.

Whenever I come up with a strategy or suggestion, I try to align it with the business goals with a focus on immediate gains before I present it to my clients. If the alignment is not proper than may be something is wrong with my suggestion and I should not pass it on to my client. For example:

Site speed optimization helps in improving the conversion rate but it also require lot of developer’s time. So I need to make a decision here. Should I pass the best Site Speed optimization practices to my client? If yes then will it help my client in increasing his sales in the immediate future? I know that my client’s website has a decent speed and it is very big. So if I put his developers to work on the site speed optimization task then they won’t be available on other and more important tasks like making changes to the title tags of the product pages.

 title tag or site speed


So at this point it will be more profitable for the client if I use his limited resources (like web developers) in making changes to the title tags than optimizing the site speed.


Focus on Low hanging fruits and immediate gains

When you think like a business man you think of sales and profit. How can I make more money next month instead of how can I make more money after 6 months or next year? SEO is a long and time consuming process and results may take several months to a year to come. I want my client to make money as quickly as possible. Now I have 6000+ products to optimize and sell. What should I do? Where I should start?

When you think like a businessman, you first think of products which are selling at present and try to sell them even more. So I select few top selling products of my client and push them through SEO. I don’t push the products which are not selling at this point. This is something I will do in the near future. It is not my top priority right now. My top priority is to sell. This practice is even more valid if your client is a start up. In the first few months you need to help him to survive in the business. If his business tanked, so will be your earnings.


Present SEO suggestions with the promise of gain or fear of loss in revenue

Businesses respond well to suggestion which give them the promise of gain in revenue or which show them the fear of loss in sales. For example: if you want your client to take ‘title tag’ best practices seriously and enforce them throughout his company with iron fist, then tie your title tags suggestions with revenue something like this:

Why it is important for your business?

Title Tag <title>………</title>

Keep length of your title tag less than 68 characters.

Google display maximum 70 characters of the title tag of a web page. So if your title tag is longer than 70 characters, Google may truncate a part of your title tag. This may make your title tag looks ugly and your prospects may not wish to click on it in the search result page which will eventually result in loss of potential sale.

Note the wording here. The task is important for the client’s business and not for SEO. Also I have highlighted the words ‘loss of potential sales’. If you are a business man than nothing can be worse than loosing potential revenue and you have no choice but to show urgency.


Use Case Studies and Client’s competitors as examples

Whenever I send suggestions to my clients I send it with the assumption that my client doesn’t believe a single word I say. So when I work with this mindset I have to back up my suggestions with strong case studies or use client’s competitors as examples.

Case studies give a strong hint that your strategy/suggestion has been tried and tested and it is not something which you have just read somewhere and put it on their table. In these tough economic times, businesses have to think twice before implementing any strategy which demands considerable resources esp. money. So back up your suggestions with case studies wherever possible. Businesses also show great interest in what their competitors are doing and if you can prove that the competitors are monetizing a particular strategy then I see no reason why your client will refuse to leverage that strategy.

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  • JasonGASA

    I completely agree with the point of thinking and talking like a businessman when dealing with clients. Gaining SEO knowledge is one thing and putting them into practice is all together a different ball game. You speak from your experience and this i what i really like about your posts. I never thought of focusing on immediate gains. To be honest this post has changed the way i do SEO for good. Thank you so much. I have subscribed to your blog.

    • http://www.seotakeaways.com/ Himanshu

      I am glad that you find this post so informative.

  • Amalia

    Thank you so much for the advice. It really helps in understanding things from a client perspective.

  • RealSEO

    Great quick and to the point post. It has come at a very good time. I was sending lot of recommendations to my client lately and many of them have not been implemented for the last 2 months. Perhaps i need to change my strategy and think like my client as you have said. Thank you for sharing these awesome tricks.

  • Joana

    Hi Himanshu! The article is very good. I work as an in-house SEO for a clothing company which has lot of websites and i am kinda struggling with the magnitude of site issues i have to deal with on daily basis. Your article helps in setting up my priorities right. I am now sure to check out your blog often.

  • Robin

    Good post Himanshu. I like your point of view but I think it not our job as a SEO Consultant to get things done. If a client is making delays than this is his problem. I am not going to spend my billable hours in getting things done.I have tried it in the past and it just result in a huge loss of billable time.

    • http://www.seotakeaways.com/ Himanshu

      Hi Robin! If you won’t spend time in getting things done then you wont get the desired results within the project deadline. Just sending recommendations and wait for them to be implemented one day it not going to help either you or your client.

  • Mridul Sharma

    Great tricks Himanshu. I often face problem in getting things done in SEO. Your post has helped me a lot. By the way i have bookmarked your sample SEO contract. Great write up.

  • odlasb

    I work for lot of clients and for me communication is the key to getting things done in SEO. But you do have make some very valid points here.

  • http://www.homeindia.com/ Lalit Rawat

    Great post Himanshu. One question. Where i can get case studies which i can use to prove my point to my clients. I really like your idea of using competitors as examples.

  • manish

    really nice information himanshu and great job

    thank you